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Svobodata - Bulgaria | Thursday, August 16, 2012

Borisov's football buddies above the law

The Bulgarian amateur football league Vitosha, in which Prime Minister Boyko Borisov plays as a striker, recently flew from Sofia to Varna for a friendly match using Bulgaria's government jet. That is not only illegal, it's a flagrant display of Borisov's authoritarian governing style, the opinion portal Svobodata criticises: "No one, not even Bulgaria's prime minister, can order the government fleet to undertake such flights. For one thing the pilots bear far too great a responsibility, which prevents them from flying counter to regulations. For another thing, it denigrates the dignity of the executive, violates democratic rules and is a sign of authoritarian arbitrariness. In the view of Bulgaria's prime minister however, who bears government responsibility and should stand behind state decisions, this flight was perfectly in line with regulations. Worse yet, he maintained that it is common practice to fly football clubs around in state aircraft. Seen from this perspective, the government jet is just a sort of taxi for footballers."

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