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Sega - Bulgaria | Wednesday, August 15, 2012

France chasing away the Roma again

Since the beginning of August the French authorities have cleared several Roma settlements and deported some of the people living there to their home countries. This means the new socialist government is following up on ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy's controversial anti-Roma policy, the daily newspaper Sega writes, accusing the Bulgarian government of lacking the courage to protest: "The European Commission has put France under observation for the second time for ethnic discrimination. … However even with a strong ally like the EU [Bulgarian Prime Minister] Borisov doesn't dare stand up to France. Yet Paris is threatening to join forces with other European countries put pressure on Bulgaria, Romania (and most recently Hungary). … They want to force these countries to somehow persuade their own Roma to stay in their home country rather than heading for Western Europe. Perhaps we should ask the French authorities whether they wouldn't like to see the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain back in place?"

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