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Die Presse - Austria | Thursday, August 2, 2012

Far-right Carinthians do politics Russian-style

The acting governor and chairman of the populist far-right party Freedomites in Carinthia (FPK), Uwe Scheuch, stepped down unexpectedly on Wednesday only to be replaced by his brother. Lawsuits are pending against both politicians. For the liberal-conservative daily Die Presse, this brazen shuffling of posts in Carinthia's strongest regional party is politics Russian-style: "When Uwe Scheuch threw a photographer out of the room while announcing his alleged resignation 'on the grounds of media harassment, claiming that the man had taken 'compromising photos', the true colours of this populist Carinthinan party were on display. Vladimir Putin and Dmitri Medvedev simply swapped positions and carried on ruling. The Scheuch version looks a little different but the outcome is the same: the younger brother may be resigning from politics after being convicted by a court of first instance, but the former group chairman and older brother is taking over as head of the party and acting governor, so we can safely assume that both will continue to lead the party."

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