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Standart - Bulgaria | Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bulgaria's desire for nuclear plant is irrational

Bulgaria's socialist BSP party on Friday presented the 770,000 signatures needed to revive the Belene nuclear power plant project in parliament. It can now initiate a referendum on the controversial project which the conservative government had shelved in March due to lack of funding. But Bulgaria still can't afford the nuclear plant, the daily newspaper Standard points out: "Holding a referendum on Belene would be like daddy asking 'Do you want a new bicycle?'. Who doesn't? We also want Bulgaria to send satellites and spaceships into space, something we could be proud of. … The only way to counter the Bulgarians' long cherished desire for a nuclear power plant is to fuel fears of an accident like those in Chernobyl or Fukushima. Yet the most important question is whether we can afford a nuclear power plant when we take into account that Bulgaria is desperately seeking loans on the financial markets just to get by. And considering the current state of its finances, it doesn't look like we'll be back in the black any time soon."

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