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Pravda - Slovakia | Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Even old Nazi war criminals must be punished

British journalists have tracked down László Csatáry, the alleged Nazi war criminal said to be responsible for the deportation of 15,700 Jews in Budapest. Even though 70 years have now passed the Hungarian judiciary must take action, the leftist daily Pravda urges: "In comparison to those who decided on the liquidation of entire peoples in Berlin, Csatáry is 'small fry'. But thousands of people whose only 'crime' was to belong to a different race or hold different beliefs passed through the hands of those small fry. As a police commander Csatáry, now 97, cruelly tortured Jews in the ghetto in Košice before deporting them to Auschwitz. … The fact that after fleeing to the West he had the courage to return to Hungary is a reminder that among our neighbours to the south there is still tolerance towards former fascists. … All war criminals, even those who will soon die, must be condemned, and at least spend a symbolic hour behind bars. Otherwise all the speeches about historical justice don't make sense."

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