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Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Russia's opposition is too weak

President Vladimir Putin needn't lose any sleep over the slogans of the Russian government opponents at the demonstration in Moscow, the conservative daily Lidové noviny concludes: "According to Putin, 'what weakens the country and divides its society is unacceptable'. But Russia's problem is not that the opposition is dividing society. The problem is that there is no viable opposition. What alternatives does the opposition offer to the demonstrations? 'We are trying to peacefully free Russia of the usurper who wants to go on robbing the country forever', is what we are told not by any old bus driver, but by former deputy prime minister [Boris] Nemtsov [under Boris Yeltsin]. … Can you fight against the autocrats by claiming that Putin steals? … No, this is not the way to beat Putin."

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