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L'Express - France | Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jacques Attali on the people as Europe's last hope

In view of the desolate situation in many countries of the EU, calls for a pan-European referendum on the future of the Union are growing louder. The last hope lies with the Europeans, the economist Jacques Attali writes in the liberal weekly L'Express: "If the coming months see the European Union continue to disintegrate, in keeping with the most pessimistic scenarios that we have been sketching here for years now, it will soon cease to exist altogether. ... The sequence of events is pre-determined: letting Greece go bankrupt, not rescuing the Spanish banks and not responding to the demands that will come from Italy and France. And there you go, 60 years of effort down the drain. What hope remains when the solution is technically so simple (as we've said repeatedly here: with the creation of a federal Eurozone) and yet so impossible politically? The hope that the people will wake up. And how? By means of a Franco-German accord putting the following question to the entire Eurozone in a referendum on the same day: 'Are you ready to relinquish part of your sovereignty to maintain your comfort and well-being?' At least one can dream this will happen.”

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