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Svobodata - Bulgaria | Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mafia bosses escape incompetent justice

The Bulgarian mafia bosses Plamen Galev and Angel Hristov have disappeared without a trace after they were both sentenced in absentia to five years in prison on May 3. They are reported to have fled to South Africa with 20 million euros in cash. Bulgaria's justice system has lost the trust of the EU and its citizens, the opinion portal Svobodata comments: "The two should have been locked away straight after the sentence was pronounced. There's no room for excuses. ... These are no petty criminals but sit right at the top of the mafia hierarchy. Moreover their trials were not just under EU observation but where a major opportunity for establishing the Bulgarians' trust in their judiciary and in the security services. What normal citizen is going to trust the police, the public prosecutors or the compassionate Bulgarian judges now? ... The whole thing is a farce and throws a bad light on all the people and institutions involved."

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