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Delfi - Lithuania | Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lithuania's grotesque fight for the family

The Lithuanian parliament voted after the first reading in favour of an amendment to the constitution according to which the family would be based on a marriage between a man and woman and which would also define the relations between parents and children. The Web portal Delfi takes a sarcastic view of the initiative: "Divorce should actually be banned in Lithuania with the aim of strengthening the family. ... This would keep roughly 40 percent of the country's married couples together, because that's how many separate [each year]. And those who manage to live together the longest (regardless of all the rows and the traumatised children) could be given social benefits. Conversely we could save money if we scrapped benefits for those forms of partnership that don't fit in with the amendment to Article 38 of the constitution proposed by right-wing politicians. This amendment stipulates that a family is founded only when a couple marries."

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