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Svobodata - Bulgaria | Monday, April 23, 2012

Set limits for Bulgarian secret services

Former Bulgarian president Georgi Parvanov has been accused of having instructed the NRS secret service and the national intelligence service NSO to gather salacious information about the private lives of politicians and members of government. Edvin Sugarev calls in his blog Svobodata for the two authorities to be subjected to radical reform: "Such intrigues with secret services would cause a huge scandal in any civilised country. On the one hand because the head of state has rudely violated the law and the constitution and on the other because his 'assignments' are giving the secret services a bad name. ... The ex-president is doubtless not the first and not the only one to have had such dealings with the secret services. On the contrary, this appears to have been standard practice. So the time has come to subject the tasks of the NRS and NSO to strict supervision, as the new president has announced. It's also time to free the secret services from their Stasi connections and their ties to organised crime."

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