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Sega - Bulgaria | Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bulgaria's mafia allowed to line its pockets

According to the Center for the Study of Democracy in Sofia, the Bulgarian mafia makes around 1.75 billion euros in annual profits. It should really be considered a partner of the government, the daily Sega writes caustically: "Despite the huge efforts undertaken to fight organised crime, the mafia bosses just sit back and count the money as it rolls in. They launder it in key economic sectors and even through government contracts. Meanwhile not a single police officer, border guard or tax inspector has been arrested. And it's even less likely that a corrupt politician, minister or member of parliament will land behind bars or lose their ill-gotten gains. That being the case, does it make any sense at all to ask who has the upper hand: the mafia or the state? And why do we even think of them as enemies? As we can see, they've been working together peacefully for years."

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