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Standart - Bulgaria | Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bulgaria must oppose ethnic violence

Rioting broke out in the Macedonian capital Skopje on Monday evening after five Macedonians were murdered near the city. Although there is still no official information about who carried out the attack, tensions are running high against the country's Albanian minority, members of which are said to be behind the killings. Bulgaria should take a clear stand against ethnic tensions before it's too late, writes the daily Standart: "The atrocious terrorist attack near Skopje could easily be the spark that ignites the powder keg. Especially if the culprits are not found soon. For that reason all Macedonian politicians and statesmen have called for calm and spoken out against ethnic rioting. Worried appeals for peace have also come from Belgrade, Tirana and Pristina. ... The neighbour's house is burning, and it wouldn't be a bad idea at all for Bulgaria's government to speak out clearly against ethnic violence in the region. One look at the situation here at home is enough to see that we too have long been threatened by hatred and violence."

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