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Die Presse - Austria | Monday, April 16, 2012

Same old intrigues in Egypt

The Egyptian electoral commission excluded 10 of the 23 candidates for the presidential election to be held in May, including the former secret service chief Omar Suleiman. The liberal-conservative daily Die Presse sees this as a typical example of scheming in the country: "The Egyptians are well acquainted with disqualifications; they were typical of the Mubarak regime's foul play. This massive intervention by the electoral commission - why were the candidates allowed to register in the place? - is less reminiscent of a budding democracy than of Iran, where this strategy has developed into an art. The Suleiman case is the simplest: it's understandable that leading representatives of a dictatorship should be excluded from the elections - but that the corresponding law is not yet in effect is less understandable. As so often in post-revolutionary Egypt, this dramatic start to the election will spur many conspiracy theories and shaky facts. The one thing that's clear: the pharaoh may be gone but the intrigues that have been practised on the Nile for thousands of years are in full swing."

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