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Sega - Bulgaria | Monday, March 12, 2012

Foreign customs officers good for Bulgaria

French President Nicolas Sarkozy called for a reform of the Schengen Agreement on Sunday, demanding among other things joint supervision of the EU's external borders. That would be good for the Schengen candidate Bulgaria, writes the daily Sega: "Many Bulgarians would lend their support to such a plan because it would reduce smuggling and bring more money into the treasury. The question is if the government would be ready to make such a sacrifice just so its citizens can travel freely throughout the Schengen states. [Prime Minister] Borisov swears that [his party] Gerb has no illicit accounts or slush funds. But he says nothing about the deep pockets of his party comrades. ... He also says nothing about the huge smuggling trade in cigarettes and other goods subject to excise duties. Without joint supervision of the EU's outer borders, Bulgaria has for the moment no interest in joining the Schengen Agreement. A greater European presence on Bulgaria's borders, by contrast, would also foster the rule of law within the country."

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