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Svobodata - Bulgaria | Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bulgaria wins presidential corruption race

Bulgaria's former vice-president Angel Marin is said to have pardoned criminals in exchange for bribes. One such pardoned criminal has told a parliamentary committee of enquiry that he transferred 10,000 US dollars to Marin's account, the daily Trud reported on Wednesday. According to the report, former president Georgi Parvanov was also in on the deal. The opinion portal Svobodata voices concern: "This is a particularly serious and shameful case of corruption, which further tarnished the already very sullied term of office of this presidential duo. The German President Christian Wulff resigned for considerably less grave offences. He received a cheap loan and free holidays from businesspeople. Compare that with the possibility that Bulgaria's president and vice-president freed criminals for bribes and you'll see how large the moral gap is between Bulgaria and the civilised world."

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