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Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | Friday, February 24, 2012

EU stigmatises thousand-year Hungarian kingdom

After the EU launching three treaty violation proceedings against Hungary, the European Parliament initiating a resolution against the country and Brussels now wanting to sanction the country's budget deficit, the right-wing conservative daily Magyar nemzet believes it has now identified the main problem of the EU: "If I want to be liked by someone, it doesn't exactly help if I keep on stigmatising him. If on top of that I want him to recognise my own sense of justice, it isn't exactly clever to punish him incessantly. ... The idea of the EU will not run aground on the common currency or the global economic crisis. ... It will fail because in its midst those people have won the upper hand who don't understand or respect the fact that the community is made up of states whose history dates back a thousand years. ... These countries are now being stigmatised for their history as nation states."

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