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Tages-Anzeiger - Switzerland | Monday, February 20, 2012

Gauck is antithesis to Wulff

The designated German President Joachim Gauck is the exact opposite of his morally compromised predecessor Christian Wulff, the liberal Tages-Anzeiger writes praising his nomination: "He is the natural choice after Wulff's spectacular failure. He is a moral authority, incorruptible, true to his principles and independent. He never bowed to the GDR regime - and even after the fall of the Berlin Wall he kept his independence. Instead of launching into a career in politics (Gauck does not belong to any party even today) he took charge of the Stasi files authority. Joachim Gauck comes across as the antithesis to Wulff, the professional politician and careerist, the bargain-hunter who let friends pay for hotel stays and provide him with a mortgage and smart car on favourable terms - but otherwise had little to offer. With Gauck there is a real chance that the presidency, which has been so tarnished by the events of the past weeks, will regain its old lustre and a new depth and significance."

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