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Svobodata - Bulgaria | Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bulgaria out of Acta for now

The Bulgarian government intends to withdraw from the Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement Acta. According to an official announcement the Minister for Economic Affairs Trajho Traikov did not know precisely what the agreement was about when he signed it in late January. A poor excuse, writes the opinion portal Svobodata. "It's not particularly moral for a government to lay all the blame on a minister because he didn't completely understand what he was signing. ... Nevertheless this is a multilateral agreement that has been debated at a European level for four years now. ... We could now heave a sigh of relief if it were not for the fact that the decision against Acta was taken on a 'trial and error' basis. Here we get a glimpse of the well-known trick from socialist days: wait to see which direction the wind is blowing. It would be highly interesting to see what Bulgaria would do if Germany or even the entire EU suddenly changed its mind and went along with the agreement."

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