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Sega - Bulgaria | Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Brussels wants to keep Bulgaria poor

The EU Commission wants to place under observation twelve EU countries where economic imbalances have been detected, EU Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs Olli Rehn announced on Tuesday. Bulgaria was singled out among other things on account of its 30-percent rise in labour costs over the past four years. But Bulgarians earn on average just 350 euros a month, the daily Sega reminds him: "Olli Rehn's monthly salary, by contrast, is 22,122 euros, or 737 euros a day. What the average Bulgarian earns in a month wouldn't finance him through to lunch. The salaries of the eurocrats are perfectly in order because rather than increasing erratically, they've gone up regularly in line with EU regulations. ... The Bulgarians, by contrast, are very underpaid, but no one in Brussels is paying too much attention to this social injustice. The main priority is that the EU limit of a four-percent rise in labour costs is not exceeded. Even if that condemns the Bulgarians to eternal poverty, because unlike with salaries, there's no cap on inflation and the cost of living. So anyone who thought that entering the club of the rich would bring the Bulgarians prosperity and European living standards should think again."

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