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The French version of the American website was founded in 2009 by former editor-in-chief of Le Monde, Jean-Marie Colombani. The founders still have a shareholder majority today. The focus of is commentary and analysis. The website allows readers to organize content according to their own interests.

Medium: online portal
Frequency of publication: Regularly updated
Online payment model: All content free of charge

Location: Paris, France
Publisher: Jacques Attali / Jean-Marie Colombani
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 2009

Twitter: @slatefr

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1.  Slate - France | 12/06/2015

Jacques Attali on love as a sharing model

The trend toward sharing could soon spread from cars and accommodation to love affairs, economist and journalist Jacques Attali writes in the online magazine Slate: ... » more

2.  Slate - France | 09/04/2015

Break with Le Pen Senior does not bode well

Marine Le Pen, head of the far-right Front National (FN), announced disciplinary measures against her father in a televised interview on Thursday night. By breaking ... » more

3.  Slate - France | 12/03/2015

Reform pope risks same fate as Gorbachev

Pope Francis could suffer the same fate as former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, the online magazine Slate worries: "Two years later Pope Francis no longer ... » more

4.  Slate - France | 22/10/2014

France can't hope for mercy on its deficit

France is the only country in the Eurozone whose budget plan for 2015 foresees new debts of more than three percent of GDP. By yet ... » more

5.  Slate - France | 20/09/2014

Sarkozy comeback no blessing for the left

France's ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy confirmed his return to politics on Sunday in a televised interview. But the return of the Socialists' favourite foe is by ... » more

6.  Slate - France | 16/09/2014

Jacques Attali warns West against humiliating Russia

If the West humiliates Russia it will face a permanent enemy, publicist Jacques Attali writes in the online magazine Slate: "In relations between nations - ... » more

7.  Slate - France | 13/01/2014

Dieudonné flouted fundamental values

The controversial French comedian Dieudonné announced on the weekend that he will no longer seek to perform his show Le Mur, which has been banned ... » more

8.  Slate - France | 23/12/2013

2014 will also be Snowden year

The revelations by the former NSA employee Edward Snowden will go on causing a stir in 2014, the online magazine Slate writes: "In many respects ... » more

9.  Slate - France | 29/05/2012

Same old faces win in Cannes

Director Michael Haneke won the Golden Palm for best film for the second time at this year's Cannes Film Festival, which ended on Sunday. The ... » more


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