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Delfi is not only Lithuania's biggest and most successful website, it has also been on the market longer than any other. It was acquired by Estonia's Ekspress Group in 2007. It collaborates with the Delfi portals in Latvia and Estonia. All three also have a Russian version and the Lithuanian Delfi also has a Polish version. More than 13,000 reader comments are published on the website every day.

Medium: online portal
Political orientation: Liberal
Frequency of publication: Daily
Visits per month: > 200.000.000
Online payment model: All content free of charge

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Publisher: UAB Delfi
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1999

Gynėjų g. 16, 01109 Vilnius
Phone: 00370 52 04 54 00
Twitter: @delfilietuva

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1.  Delfi - Lithuania | 20/01/2016

Vladimiras Laučius on the failure of European liberal democracy

After attacks by migrants on women in Germany and Sweden, the right-wing conservative columnist Vladimiras Laučius predicts the end of liberal democracy in Europe on ... » more

2.  Delfi - Lithuania | 14/01/2016

Lithuania faces a dilemma

There is no single correct response to the developments in Poland, political scientist Kęstutis Girnius writes on web portal Delfi: "In the eyes of some ... » more

3.  Delfi - Lithuania | 14/10/2015

Lithuania needs good ties to Minsk

Close contact with Minsk is particularly important for Lithuania in the coming months, the web portal Delfi argues: "A vital issue for Lithuania is the ... » more

4.  Delfi - Lithuania | 08/10/2015

Moscow's Syria operations give Baltic a reprieve

Since Russia's intervention in Syria the Baltic states can rest assured that they won't be President Vladimir Putin's next target, writes political scientist Kęstutis Girnius ... » more

5.  Delfi - Lithuania | 18/09/2015

Exodus to Europe: Okay for Charlie Hebdo to draw Aylan

The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has once again triggered a debate about how far satire should go by publishing a cartoon featuring the drowned ... » more

6.  Delfi - Lithuania | 02/09/2015

Lithuanian school children used for propaganda

Many school children from families that belong to the Polish and Russian minorities in Lithuania's Vilnius region protested against worsening education opportunities by not turning ... » more

7.  Delfi - Lithuania | 13/07/2015

Grybauskaitė as self-righteous as Putin

Lithuania's President Dalia Grybauskaitė celebrated six years in office on Sunday. Journalist Rimvydas Valatka criticises her authoritarian style on the web portal Delfi: "The most ... » more

8.  Delfi - Lithuania | 29/06/2015

Gay marriage still unthinkable in Lithuania

The US's Supreme Court has allowed same-sex marriage in all the country's 50 states. Lithuania unfortunately is lagging far behind such progressiveness, the web portal ... » more

9.  Delfi - Lithuania | 19/06/2015

Heavy Nato weapons to calm Eastern Europe

Political analyst Kęstutis Girnius examines Nato's plans to station heavy weapons in several Eastern European countries on the web portal Delfi: "The decision is not ... » more

10.  Delfi - Lithuania | 08/06/2015

Acquittal of Soviet officers absurd

A court in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius last week acquitted two former officers of the Soviet Omon riot police. They were accused of taking part ... » more


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