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Blog Géopolitique

Country: France

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1.  Blog Géopolitique - France | Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Assad as bad as Gaddafi

An estimated 120 Syrian soldiers have died under unclarified circumstances. Indications increasingly point to a mutiny that was murderously put down by troops loyal to the government. The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is relying on the same tough approach as the Libyan dictator, writes Pierre Rousselin in his blog Géopolitique: "Bashar al-Assad belongs in the same group as Gaddafi, and he will lead his country into perdition. A regime that tortures children, shoots women and deploys tanks against unarmed crowds has lost any hope of one day regaining even a modicum of legitimacy. ... Within its boundaries it relies on escalation rather than dialogue. Internationally it plays the Palestinian card to provoke Israel and divert attention from its own transgressions. For years the Assad system has been given the benefit of the doubt. With the thousands of deaths in the past eleven weeks that's a thing of the past."

2.  Blog Géopolitique - France | Tuesday, May 31, 2011

German ecologists import nuclear energy

Germany's nuclear phase-out is a hypocritical election tactic that will weaken Europe, writes Pierre Rousselin in his blog Géopolitique: "Faced with the collapse of her coalition partners, the liberal FDP, Angela Merkel is counting on an alliance with the Greens. This political equation will have repercussions across Europe. Our continent will abandon its independence in energy policy for a long time. We will become even more dependent on Russia and its natural gas. France, for its part, will export even more electricity. The pinnacle of hypocrisy is that our nuclear plants will provide light and heat to the German ecologists. The reduction of greenhouse gases, meanwhile, has been relegated to the back burner."

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