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Proto Thema

Proto Thema is Greece's most widely read Sunday paper. It is owned by journalist Themos Anastasiadis, who went on trial on charges of data protection violations but was acquitted. The newspaper has been accused of trying to improve the image of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party because it has published several articles that depict the party leadership and members as bourgeois citizens.

Medium: weekly
Political orientation: Liberal
Circulation: 124,000 (2014)
Frequency of publication: Weekly on Sundays
Online payment model: All content free of charge

Location: Athens, Greece
Publisher: Proto Thema AE
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 2005

Agrafon 5, 15123 Marousi, Athen
Phone: 0030 21 06 88 07 00
Twitter: @protothema

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1.  Proto Thema - Greece | 07/01/2016

Greeks fed up with Tsipras's lies

A newspaper that published a major interview with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on the weekend didn't sell well at newsstands across the country. That's ... » more

2.  Proto Thema - Greece | 07/12/2015

Greek crisis may make a comeback

Greece needs to get a new package of reforms underway by mid-December it if wants the Euro Group to release another one-billion-euro instalment from the ... » more

3.  Proto Thema - Greece | 15/10/2015

Athens's sovereignty violated yet again

The EU Commission has worked out a plan of action with Turkey to resolve the refugee crisis. The Turkish and Greek coastguard services are to ... » more

4.  Proto Thema - Greece | 03/07/2015

Angela Merkel coordinating a putsch

The European Commission and European politicians have warned the Greeks in recent days not to vote against austerity in Sunday's referendum. This provokes harsh criticism ... » more

5.  Proto Thema - Greece | 10/05/2015

Tsipras playing with Greece's fate

The next round of the EU finance ministers' discussions on the Greek debt crisis begins today. The liberal weekly Proto Thema warns Prime Minister Alexis ... » more

6.  Proto Thema - Greece | 08/04/2015

Tsipras's visit to Moscow only positive

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras aims to deepen his country's cooperation with Russia during his visit to Moscow today, Wednesday. The liberal weekly Proto Thema ... » more

7.  Proto Thema - Greece | 25/03/2015

Success at home strengthens Tsipras abroad

Domestic successes will give Tsipras more self-confidence in his dealings abroad, the liberal weekly paper Proto Thema believes: "The decisive factor now is how the ... » more

8.  Proto Thema - Greece | 05/03/2015

Be careful to avoid a "Graccident"

Europe must avoid developments that could lead to a "Graccident" - Greece exiting the Eurozone for unpredictable political reasons -, journalist Vasilis Stefanikidis warns in ... » more

9.  Proto Thema - Greece | 04/01/2015

Stop the Greek bomb from exploding

The Euro Group has put a precautionary 11-billion-euro credit line at Greece's disposal although the country is seeking to leave the international credit programmes. The ... » more

10.  Proto Thema - Greece | 18/12/2014

Samaras government living in a dream world

Greece's early presidential elections failed in their first round on Wednesday. The candidate of the governing coalition, former EU Commissioner Stavros Dimas, received just 160 ... » more


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