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The Voxpublica blog portal is an offshoot of the centre-right daily Cotidianul. It serves as a platform for free comment from commentators across the political spectrum. Realitatea TV acquired the portal in 2006. This media trust has changed hands frequently in recent years and its political orientation has varied accordingly. One of the main shareholders in Realitatea TV is political analyst Cosmin Gușă, who has served a variety of parties in the past. Voxpublica does not have a clearly discernible political orientation.

Medium: blog portal
Frequency of publication: Daily
Visits per month: < 500.000
Online payment model: All content free of charge

Location: Bucharest, Romania
Publisher: Realitatea TV
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 2009

Soseaua Bucuresti - Ploiesti, nr. 172 - 176, corp A, etaj 3, cam. 5 (cladirea Willbrook), sector 1, Bucuresti, cod 013686
Phone: 0040 722 919 325
Twitter: @voxpublica

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1.  Voxpublica - Romania | 27/08/2015

Companies manipulate fuel prices in Romania

Whilst the oil prices on the commodity markets continue to fall, petrol and diesel are still very expensive in Romania compared to incomes. In the ... » more

2.  Voxpublica - Romania | 16/08/2015

Romania punishes honest public servants

A senior employee of the Romanian road construction authority has lost his job after he reported on corrupt practices at the authority in a television ... » more

3.  Voxpublica - Romania | 19/07/2015

Ikea must maintain standards, even in Romania

The Swedish company Ikea last week purchased 33,000 hectares of woodland in Romania - in an area that has hit the headlines in the past ... » more

4.  Voxpublica - Romania | 21/04/2015

Romania should postpone joining the euro

The leader of the National Bank of Romania, Mugur Isărescu, announced on Monday that joining the Eurozone in 2019 as the government plans would be ... » more

5.  Voxpublica - Romania | 19/06/2014

Romanians right to be afraid in Europe

A 16-year-old Roma boy was found unconscious in a Paris suburb on Friday and is now in a state of coma. The results of the ... » more

6.  Voxpublica - Romania | 06/03/2014

No limit to corruption in Romanian football

A court in Bucharest on Tuesday sentenced eight Romanian football managers, among them former national player Gheorghe Popescu, to lengthy prison sentences for corruption. They ... » more

7.  Voxpublica - Romania | 27/11/2013

Remember ethics in nuclear cooperation

For months Chinese investors have been showing interest in constructing two reactors at the Romanian nuclear power plant in Cernavodă. A memorandum of understanding on ... » more

8.  Voxpublica - Romania | 06/11/2013

European vote can rekindle Romanian protests

The protest movement that mobilised tens of thousands of Romanians against the gold mining project in Roşia Montană lost momentum after the provisional stop to ... » more

9.  Voxpublica - Romania | 24/10/2013

Art thieves launch counter-attack

The trial of the Rotterdam art thieves is currently under way in Bucharest. Three of the six suspects from Romania have confessed to the crime. ... » more

10.  Voxpublica - Romania | 16/10/2013

Romanians can prevent fracking

For the second day in a row hundreds of environmental activists gathered in the eastern Romanian village of Pungeşti to protest against the plans of ... » more


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