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Expresso was founded in Lisbon under the old regime (in 1973) and became the country's first successful weekly paper. It fought a fierce battle with the censorship authority until the end of the dictatorship in 1974. Thanks to its well researched background reports and a broad spectrum of opinion Expresso is not only the weekly with the highest circulation, but also an indispensable opinion leader in Portugal. Henrique Raposo, a polemic writer known for his irony, has contributed to the paper's website with his blog A Tempo e a Desmodo since 2009.

Medium: weekly
Political orientation: Liberal
Circulation: 100,000 (2014)
Frequency of publication: Weekly on Saturdays
Online payment model: Some content subject to a charge

Location: Paço de Arcos, Oeiras, Portugal
Publisher: Impresa Publishing S.A.
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1973

Rua Calvet de Magalhães 242, 2770-022 Paço de Arcos
Phone: 00351 21 454 40 00
Twitter: @expresso

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1.  Expresso - Portugal | 16/01/2016

Portugal's 35-hour week a mistake

The Portuguese parliament voted in favour of a return to a 35-hour week in the public service sector at first reading on Friday. The liberal ... » more

2.  Expresso - Portugal | 28/11/2015

Daniel Oliveira on terror hysteria in Europe

Since the Paris attacks a security hysteria has taken hold in Europe, columnist Daniel Oliveira observes in the liberal weekly Expresso and warns of the ... » more

3.  Expresso - Portugal | 24/10/2015

Portugal's parliament faces further division

Portugal's parliament elected the socialist Ferro Rodrigues as its president on Friday. Until now it was always the candidate selected by the party with the ... » more

4.  Expresso - Portugal | 12/09/2015

Putin using Syria to get back in the limelight

According to media reports Russia is giving Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad military support and calling for an anti-terror alliance against the IS that includes Damascus. ... » more

5.  Expresso - Portugal | 18/04/2015

Pilot strike would be stab in the back for Tap

The pilots of the Portuguese airline Tap plan to strike for ten days in early May to protest plans for the partial privatisation of the ... » more

6.  Expresso - Portugal | 22/10/2013

Austerity budget promotes state reform debate

Portugal's austerity budget may have its shortcomings but at least it has triggered a discussion about indispensable state reforms, the left-liberal weekly Expresso comments: "The ... » more

7.  Expresso - Portugal | 03/09/2012

Portugal not recovering despite austerity

Despite rigid implementation of the austerity programme, according to experts Portugal will exceed the agreed deficit target for 2012 by a large amount. The left-liberal ... » more

8.  Expresso - Portugal | 11/06/2012

Lisbon is no new Athens

A year after seeking help from the euro bailout fund Lisbon has not turned into another Athens, despite the fierce debates about the rigid austerity ... » more

9.  Expresso - Portugal | 07/05/2012

Portugal's crisis hits only consumers

The discount campaign staged by Portugal's largest supermarket chain on May 1 has triggered a fierce debate about price politics in the food sector. Retailers ... » more

10.  Expresso - Portugal | 30/04/2012

Portugal not emerging from the crisis

Portugal's international creditors once more gave the measures carried out so far to improve the country's ailing public finances the thumbs-up in a report published ... » more


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