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Dagens Nyheter

Dagens Nyheter, Sweden's most widely distributed and most prestigious daily newspaper, belongs to the Swedish media group Bonnier. The paper sees itself as a medium for informing the public and claims to be "Sweden's biggest social and democratic marketplace". Its opinion pieces, especially those by external authors and politicians, regularly trigger public debate. Money problems forced Dagens Nyheter to dismiss hundreds of journalists in the 1990s. Another 80 jobs were axed in 2013.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Liberal
Frequency of publication: Daily
Online payment model: Some content subject to a charge

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Publisher: Bonnier Media
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1864

Gjörwellsgatan 30, 112 60 Stockholm
Phone: 0046 8 73 81 00 0
Twitter: @dagensnyheter

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1.  Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | 22/07/2015

No one is safe from IS terror

Turkey and all Europe should be on high alert after the Suruç bombing, stresses the liberal daily Dagens Nyheter: "No matter what the logic is ... » more

2.  Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | 29/05/2015

ESC wrong to censor booing

At the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday in Vienna the organisers filtered out the audience's booing - primarily at the Russian song - and replaced ... » more

3.  Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | 25/01/2015

Syriza will drag Greece backwards

It would be absolute madness if Syriza really did implement its election programme, the liberal daily Dagens Nyheter comments, with little hope that a coalition ... » more

4.  Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | 09/04/2014

Sweden was too timid to question directive

Sweden was a key player on the data retention initiative under social democratic leadership, however the directive was only introduced in the country six years ... » more

5.  Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | 14/03/2014

EU must deal carefully with Roma problem

The Swedish police cleared an illegal Roma settlement in the Stockholm suburb of Helenelund on Thursday. But the problem of poverty-induced immigration calls for long-term ... » more

6.  Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | 28/11/2012

New status for Palestine no solution

The President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas will apply for the position of non-member "observer state" for Palestine at the UN General Assembly on ... » more

7.  Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | 06/07/2012

Elections in Libya encouraging

Nine months after the death of the dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi Libya will elect a new parliament on Saturday. The liberal daily Dagens Nyheter hopes the ... » more

8.  Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | 05/06/2012

Huge hole in Spain's banking sector

Independent consultants are currently drawing up a report on the situation of the Spanish banking sector. Despite Spain's generally good crisis management the result of ... » more

9.  Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | 16/11/2011

An end to outmoded rhetoric

Surveys indicate that only a third of US citizens support the demands of the Occupy movement. This is mainly a consequence of the activists' outdated ... » more

10.  Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | 11/08/2011

Growth is answer to riots

More economic growth can promote the rise of the socially disadvantaged, writes the liberal daily Dagens Nyheter in view of the heavy riots in the ... » more


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