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Publisher Lars Johan Hierta ran this newspaper in the initial period after its launch to back the liberal opposition against the power of the royal family. Aftonbladet sided with Hitler against the Soviet Union for several years after the start of World War II. When the umbrella association of trade unions, the LO, took over the newspaper in 1956 it was given a social democratic orientation. This has remained intact under the present owner, the Norwegian media group Schibsted [[Schibsted nicht Schibstedt laut meine Info]]. The tabloid focuses on scandals and exposés.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Centre-left
Circulation: 162,000 (2014)
Frequency of publication: Daily
Online payment model: Some content subject to a charge

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Publisher: Schibstedt
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1830

Västra Järnvägsgatan 21, 111 64 Stockholm
Phone: 0046 8 72 52 00 0
Twitter: @Aftonbladet

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1.  Aftonbladet - Sweden | 18/12/2015

Exodus to Europe: Sweden's passport controls unwise move

As of January only people with valid passports will be allowed to enter Sweden, the country's parliament decided on Thursday. But it is no solution ... » more

2.  Aftonbladet - Sweden | 04/12/2015

Exodus to Europe: Closing Øresund Bridge a really bad idea

According to media reports the Swedish government is considering temporarily closing the Øresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark in a bid to bring the refugee ... » more

3.  Aftonbladet - Sweden | 04/11/2015

Exodus to Europe: Stockholm playing poorest off against each other

In order to finance addition expenses incurred in the refugee crisis the Swedish government wants to access up to 50 percent of the country's development ... » more

4.  Aftonbladet - Sweden | 20/10/2015

Sweden needs a new housing policy

Alarmed at warnings of a real estate bubble, several Swedish parties want to limit tax deductions on housing loans. And rightly so, the social democratic ... » more

5.  Aftonbladet - Sweden | 11/10/2015

Exodus to Europe: We can - and must - do it

Manpower and resources are also growing scarce in Sweden in view of the growing number of asylum seekers. But Sweden and Europe should take Angela ... » more

6.  Aftonbladet - Sweden | 18/08/2015

Karin Pettersson marvels at Paul Mason's PostCapitalism

In his new book PostCapitalism, a Guide to Our Future, the British economic journalist Paul Mason turns his attention to the era after capitalism. A ... » more

7.  Aftonbladet - Sweden | 05/08/2015

Sweden Democrats stir trouble against EU migrants

Around a thousand people demonstrated in Stockholm on Tuesday against a poster campaign by the Sweden Democrats at one of the city's metro stations which ... » more

8.  Aftonbladet - Sweden | 19/07/2015

Less finger-pointing and more self-criticism

The Swedes should stop pointing the finger at the "wasteful Greeks", warns the social democratic daily Aftonbladet, noting that self-criticism would be more appropriate: "For ... » more

9.  Aftonbladet - Sweden | 17/07/2015

Right to strike in danger across Europe

Britain's conservative government wants to limit the right to strike, according to a bill presented in parliament on Wednesday. The social democratic Aftonbladet paper sees ... » more

10.  Aftonbladet - Sweden | 10/06/2015

Too many cosmetics at swedish pharmacies

Sweden's Health Minister Gabriel Wikström wants to oblige pharmacies to ensure that customers get their medications quicker. The number of pharmacies in the country has ... » more


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