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El Correo

The Basque regional paper El Correo is the most widely read daily in northern Spain. During Franco's dictatorship the paper was seen as the flagship of the fascist movement and was the target of several attacks by the Basque terrorist organisation ETA. In 1977, shortly before the country's first democratic election, members of the underground organisation assasinated the paper's publisher at the time, Javier de Ybarra y Bergé.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Conservative
Circulation: 83,000 (2013)
Frequency of publication: Daily
Online payment model: Some content subject to a charge

Location: Bilbao, Spain
Publisher: Vocento
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1910

C. Pintor Losada, 7, 48004 Bilbao
Phone: 0034 945 16 73 51
Twitter: @elcorreo_com

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1.  El Correo - Spain | 02/05/2011

The merits of John Paul II

Commenting on the occasion of the beatification of Pope John Paul II on Sunday, the Basque daily El Correo lists the accomplishments of the pontiff ... » more

2.  El Correo - Spain | 09/03/2011

Spain neglects domestic help workers

Many immigrant women work as domestic help without official papers in Spain, often as carers for the elderly. The working conditions of these women are ... » more

3.  El Correo - Spain | 15/02/2011

Spain's film world parties despite crisis

The Goya film prizes were awarded in Madrid on Sunday. The glamour of the event, which is the Spanish equivalent of the Oscars, stood in ... » more

4.  El Correo - Spain | 10/11/2010

State should not murder Eta terrorists

Former Spanish prime minister Felipe González has explained in an interview that during his term in office he had the opportunity to have all the ... » more

5.  El Correo - Spain | 04/08/2010

Strike ruins reputation of Spanish air traffic controllers

The Spanish air traffic controllers' trade union has voted  in favour of a strike. Now the management must reach a decision on the measure. The ... » more

6.  El Correo - Spain | 16/04/2010

A cloud of ash demonstrates Europe's vulnerability

The eruption of a volcano under the Eyjafjalla glacier in Iceland caused massive disruptions in air traffic in many parts of Europe on Thursday. This ... » more

7.  El Correo - Spain | 05/02/2010

Spain is not Greece

According to the latest prognosis of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Spain will be the only major EU state not to register growth in 2010. ... » more

8.  El Correo - Spain | 02/10/2009

Iran must abandon dialogue of deaf ears

After the first round of negotiations with representatives from the five veto-wielding states in the UN Security Council and Germany in Geneva Iran has signalled ... » more

9.  El Correo - Spain | 03/09/2009

A discussion about free admission to museums

In a measure aimed at boosting visitor numbers, admission to state museums is free one day a month in France. With reference to the French ... » more

10.  El Correo - Spain | 07/08/2009

Fast track for swine flu vaccination unnecessary

The daily El Correo sees no reason so far to shorten the licensing procedure for the swine flu vaccination: "So far the pandemic has spread ... » more


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