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De Morgen

De Morgen is a left-wing quality paper based in Flanders which developed from socialist party papers in 1978. The paper struggled financially and had to be rescued by its readers several times until it was acquired by De Persgroep publishing group in 1989. Under the leadership of senior editor Yves Desmet it made a name for itself as a fresher alternative to the other Flemish quality papers. It has received several awards for its design. Its columnists include politicians like the liberal ex-prime minister Guy Verhofstad and the Flemish nationalist Bart De Wever.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Left-wing
Circulation: 53,000 (2013)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Saturday
Online payment model: Some content subject to a charge

Location: Brussels, Belgium
Publisher: De Persgroep
Area of distribution: Regional
Established: 1978

Brusselsesteenweg 347, 1730 Asse (Kobbegem)
Phone: 0032 2 454.22.11
Twitter: @demorgen

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1.  De Morgen - Belgium | 12/01/2016

Beligium must collect missing tax revenues

After the EU Commission on Monday ordered Belgium to recover roughly 700 million euros given to businesses in the form of unlawful tax breaks, the ... » more

2.  De Morgen - Belgium | 07/08/2015

Europe must open another door to migrants

In response to the refugee crisis Europe can do more than it perhaps thinks, stresses the centre-left daily De Morgen: "A common, generous policy that ... » more

3.  De Morgen - Belgium | 17/09/2014

Bombs won't stop IS's barbarism

Amidst the general applause for the decision of around 30 states to participate in a coalition against the terrorist militia Islamic State critical questions are ... » more

4.  De Morgen - Belgium | 11/03/2014

ING bank undermines data protection

The Dutch bank ING announced on Monday that it will pass on data about payments made by its customers for the purpose of targeted advertising. ... » more

5.  De Morgen - Belgium | 11/01/2013

Belgium's royal house digging its own grave

Belgian politicians have voiced outrage at the way Queen Fabiola settles her legacy. The childless widow of King Baudouin wants to place her wealth with ... » more

6.  De Morgen - Belgium | 10/12/2012

We are all to blame for Doha's failure

Not just the politicians are to blame for the disappointing results of the Doha Climate Change Conference, the left-liberal daily De Morgen writes: "The foreseeable ... » more

7.  De Morgen - Belgium | 20/06/2012

Climate summit in Rio will be a flop

More than 100 heads of state and government will convene this Wednesday at the Rio+20 climate change summit. But owing to the absence of the ... » more

8.  De Morgen - Belgium | 18/06/2012

Turbulent Greece needs calm

The elections in Greece have exposed the divisions within the country, writes the left-liberal daily De Morgen: "The Greek crisis is taking place in an ... » more

9.  De Morgen - Belgium | 22/08/2011

Lybia's long path to Democracy

Even if Libyan ruler Muammar al-Gaddafi falls this is no cause for euphoria, warns the left-liberal daily De Morgen: "Above all because the situation in ... » more

10.  De Morgen - Belgium | 13/07/2011

The Eurozone in flames

Indecisive European politicians and nationalist trends are aggravating the euro crisis and represent a threat to Belgium too, warns the left-liberal daily De Morgen: "Yesterday ... » more


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