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The daily newspaper Novinar was published by the prominent Bulgarian author and politician Lyuben Dilov Jr until 2012, when according to media reports it was acquired by the controversial Bulgarian politician and oligarch Delyan Peewski via a complex conglomeration of companies. Novinar has no clearly discernible political orientation, however it has a conspicuous tendency to omit coverage of key current political issues.

Medium: daily
Circulation: 10,000 (2013)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Friday
Visits per month: < 500.000
Online payment model: All content free of charge

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Publisher: Novinar Media
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1992

Ul. Iskar 31, 1000 Sofia
Phone: 00359 2 943 45 32
Twitter: @NovinarBG

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1.  Novinar - Bulgaria | 06/01/2016

Merkel to blame for assaults

The sexual assaults against women on New Year's Eve are a consequence of Germany's liberal refugee policy, the daily Novinar writes: "No woman deserves to ... » more

2.  Novinar - Bulgaria | 24/09/2015

Embarassing start to Tsipras's second term

Just a few hours after Alexis Tsipras was sworn in as Greek prime minister on Wednesday the deputy minister of infrastructure Dimitris Kammenos tended his ... » more

3.  Novinar - Bulgaria | 19/05/2015

Bulgaria's youths don't care about finding work

In Bulgaria one in five youths between the age of 15 and 24 is unemployed and not seeking work, a recent study by Unicef shows. ... » more

4.  Novinar - Bulgaria | 21/05/2014

Bulgarians would vote for communism

In their campaigns for the European elections Bulgaria's politicians are appealing to the nostalgia many Bulgarians feel for the communist era, the daily Novinar notes, ... » more

5.  Novinar - Bulgaria | 03/02/2014

Sofians kill stray dogs out of desperation

Unidentified persons poisoned around a dozen dogs in a park in Sofia on the weekend. This is not the first case of such an act ... » more

6.  Novinar - Bulgaria | 06/02/2013

The idea of Europe no longer a uniting force

The EU heads of state and government were unable to reach an agreement on the next budget at the summit meeting in November. The daily ... » more

7.  Novinar - Bulgaria | 27/01/2013

Nuclear plant not an issue for Bulgarians

A referendum on a new nuclear power plant in Bulgaria failed on Sunday owing to the low voter turnout of just 21 percent. The referendum ... » more

8.  Novinar - Bulgaria | 26/11/2012

Bulgaria should stay away from ESC

Poland and Portugal have cancelled their participation in the 2013 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest for financial reasons. Bulgaria should do the same, the ... » more

9.  Novinar - Bulgaria | 23/07/2012

Kalin Terzyiski sees threat of police state after Burgas attack

After the suicide bomb attack in the Black Sea resort of Burgas in which five Israeli tourists, a Bulgarian and the attacker himself were killed, ... » more

10.  Novinar - Bulgaria | 03/07/2012

Investors exploit Bulgaria's workers

The number of Romanian companies doing business in Bulgaria rose by 50 percent in 2011 compared to the previous year, the Bulgarian tax office announced at ... » more


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