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Mladá fronta dnes

The liberal daily Mladá fronta Dnes has the highest circulation of all the serious newspapers in the Czech Republic. In addition to its main editorial department in Prague it also has 14 local editing departments with their own local sections. Its website is the Czech Republic's second most visited website. From 1995 to 2013 the paper's publisher, Mafra, belonged to the Rheinische Post publishing group, but it is now in the hands of media mogul Andrej Babiš via his company Agrofert.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Liberal
Circulation: 203,000 (2014)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Saturday
Visits per month: 1.000.000 - 5.000.000
Online payment model: Some content subject to a charge

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Publisher: Mafra a.s.
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1990

Karla Engliše 519/11 150 00 PRAHA 5
Phone: 00420 225 061 111
Twitter: @mfdnes

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1.  Mladá fronta dnes - Czech Republic | 27/10/2015

Poland won't be another Hungary with Kaczyński

The fears that Poland will become another Hungary after the victory of Jarosław Kaczyński's national conservative PiS in the Polish general election are exaggerated, the ... » more

2.  Mladá fronta dnes - Czech Republic | 06/10/2015

Portuguese different from the Greeks

The election results show that the Portuguese have coped with the crisis much better than the Greeks, the liberal daily Mladá fronta Dnes writes in ... » more

3.  Mladá fronta dnes - Czech Republic | 30/09/2015

Afghanistan: Never-ending war continues

The Taliban's recapture of the northern Afghan city of Kunduz has destroyed all hopes of peace or even just a truce in the country, the ... » more

4.  Mladá fronta dnes - Czech Republic | 16/07/2015

Memories are SS guard Gröning's worst punishment

The ruling in the Auschwitz trial against former SS guard Oskar Gröning in Lüneberg, Germany, has been welcomed by survivors and their families. The ... » more

5.  Mladá fronta dnes - Czech Republic | 26/06/2015

Kobane easy prey for IS

Months after being driven out of Kobane, Islamic State fighters have apparently returned to the northern Syrian border city and are attacking it again. The ... » more

6.  Mladá fronta dnes - Czech Republic | 23/06/2015

Russian soul defies sanctions

Extending the sanctions is the right step even if they haven't brought Moscow to its knees yet, the liberal daily Mladá fronta Dnes comments: "The ... » more

7.  Mladá fronta dnes - Czech Republic | 22/05/2015

West looks on powerlessly as Palmyra falls

The ancient Syrian oasis city of Palmyra will fall and the West is powerless to stop it, the liberal daily Mladá fronta Dnes writes in ... » more

8.  Mladá fronta dnes - Czech Republic | 26/03/2015

Czechs flipping out over US military convoy

Next weekend a convoy of hundreds of US soldiers will pass through the Czech Republic on its way back from a military manoeuvre in the ... » more

9.  Mladá fronta dnes - Czech Republic | 18/02/2015

Athens should start printing drachmas again

An amicable last-minute solution to the Greek debt crisis is highly unlikely, the liberal daily Mladá fronta Dnes comments: "The new government in Athens should ... » more

10.  Mladá fronta dnes - Czech Republic | 10/12/2014

Criticism of secret service torture hypocritical

The CIA torture practices against presumed terrorists were well known to everyone in political Washington, the liberal daily Mladá fronta Dnes writes, showing little sympathy ... » more


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