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Ouest France

Founded in 1944 the regional newspaper Ouest-France is France's largest daily. With more than two million readers worldwide Ouest-France is also the largest Francophone newspaper worldwide. It is owned by the Sipa-Ouest France group, which purchased a number of other regional newspapers in 2014.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Liberal
Circulation: 751,000 (2013)
Frequency of publication: Daily
Visits per month: 1.000.000 - 5.000.000
Online payment model: Some content subject to a charge

Location: Paris, France
Publisher: SIPA Ouest France
Area of distribution: Regional
Established: 1944

10, rue du Breil, 35051 Rennes Cedex 9
Phone: 0033 2 99 32 60 00
Twitter: @OuestFrance

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1.  Ouest France - France | 22/12/2015

Jean-Pierre Barbier and Antoine Arjakovsky warn against misplaced secularism

The Association of French Mayors in November published a guide to help city councillors apply the secularism enshrined in the French constitution. The publication has resulted ... » more

2.  Ouest France - France | 08/11/2015

Exodus to Europe: France unattractive for immigrants

The number of immigrants to France has remained relatively stable for years, according to the country's national institute of statistics Insee. That's because France is ... » more

3.  Ouest France - France | 07/10/2015

Putin needs conflicts in Middle East

Russia started to bomb targets in Syria from warships stationed on the Caspian Sea on Wednesday. According to Moscow, IS targets were hit. But contrary ... » more

4.  Ouest France - France | 04/08/2015

Settlement policy root of all evil

The Israeli state is jeopardising its own existence with its settlement policy, argues political scientist Dominique Moïsi, senior advisor to the Paris-based Institut Français des ... » more

5.  Ouest France - France | 20/07/2015

New markets for France's dairy farmers

French dairy farmers in the North of the country have been blocking roads since Sunday to protest the declining prices of their products. For Brittany's ... » more

6.  Ouest France - France | 01/04/2015

French ignore powers of departments

Many voters wanted to teach the Socialist government in Paris a lesson in the departmental elections, the regional daily Ouest-France writes, voicing criticism that important ... » more

7.  Ouest France - France | 09/03/2015

Dangerous fear of the Front National

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls admitted on Sunday in a television interview that he feared the far right Front National could achieve record results in ... » more

8.  Ouest France - France | 29/10/2014

Dead French protester a victim of the system

The 21-year-old student Rémi Fraisse died on the weekend during a demonstration against a planned dam in southern France. Protesters blame the law enforcement officers ... » more

9.  Ouest France - France | 23/09/2014

World must rally to save ecosystems

The time has come for the states to find compromises and seek a joint approach to fighting global warming and natural disasters, the regional daily ... » more

10.  Ouest France - France | 16/03/2014

Moscow breaks all its promises

Russia is running roughshod over Ukraine's right to self-determination, the regional paper Ouest France complains: "With the military invasion of Crimea, Russia is violating its ... » more


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