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Avvenire is oriented on the teachings of the Catholic Church but independent of the Church hierarchy. It frequently represents the views of the bishops' conference. It mainly takes a stance on moral issues and, in the Catholic spirit, also aims to reach atheist readers. Ever since the Berlusconi newspaper Il Giornale led a smear campaign in 2009 against Dino Boffo, chief editor of Avvenire at the time, smear campaigns have been referred to in Italy as the "Boffo method".

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Catholic
Circulation: 144,000 (2014)
Frequency of publication: Tuesday to Sunday
Online payment model: Some content subject to a charge

Location: Milan, Italy
Publisher: Avvenire Nuova Editoriale Italiana S.p.A.
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1968

Piazza Carbonari 3, 20125 Mailand
Phone: 0039 02 6780 1
Twitter: @Avvenire_NEI

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1.  Avvenire - Italy | 13/01/2016

Erdoğan is the main problem

Just a few hours after the attack in Istanbul Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that it was carried out by a "suicide bomber of ... » more

2.  Avvenire - Italy | 06/01/2016

A spark could set whole Middle East on fire

In the current dispute between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Bahrain, Sudan, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait have joined the Saudis in recalling their ambassadors ... » more

3.  Avvenire - Italy | 11/11/2015

The distinctive British sense of humour

Cameron has dictated the rules to the EU with typical British humour, the Catholic daily Avvenire comments: "What Downing Street prefers to refer to as ... » more

4.  Avvenire - Italy | 06/11/2015

Propaganda war between US and Russia

The row over what caused the plane to crash is allowing the tragedy to be used for propaganda purposes, writes the Catholic daily Avvenire in ... » more

5.  Avvenire - Italy | 03/11/2015

Turkish president has EU over a barrel

Under pressure from the refugee crisis the EU will make further concessions to President Erdoğan, the Catholic daily Avvenire predicts: "Brussels knows that Erdoğan will ... » more

6.  Avvenire - Italy | 07/10/2015

EU now needs joint data protection rules

It is right to protect users, the Catholic daily Avvenire writes commenting on the ECJ ruling, but adds that it would be better if a ... » more

7.  Avvenire - Italy | 11/09/2015

Putin wants access to the Mediterranean

Moscow wants to do more than just support the Syrian ruler, the Catholic daily Avvenire warns: "Putin's intentions are often inscrutable. But this time they ... » more

8.  Avvenire - Italy | 25/08/2015

Don't leave it to speculators

The state must take the sceptre out of speculators' hands once more, the Catholic daily newspaper Avvenire concludes in view of the global stock market ... » more

9.  Avvenire - Italy | 20/08/2015

The Europe of the future needs debt write-down

The German Bundestag has given the green light for the Greek bailout package but the waiving of debt is still taboo, the Catholic daily Avvenire ... » more

10.  Avvenire - Italy | 04/06/2015

Despotism in Erdoğan's Turkey

According to the Turkish oppositional newspaper Cumhuriyet its editor-in-chief Can Dündar faces 42 years in prison for spying after the paper published images that allegedly ... » more


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