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Founded in 1877, Népszava is a prestigious left-wing daily. It was originally the official newspaper of the Hungarian Social Democratic Party (MSZDP). During Hungary's socialist period Népszava was seen as the trade unions' paper. Today it supports the opposition Socialists (MSZP). Népszava has been in major financial difficulties several times in recent years.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Left-wing
Circulation: 29,400 (2014)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Saturday
Online payment model: All content free of charge

Location: Budapest, Hungary
Publisher: Mehrheitseigentümer: TGD Intermedia SA, Verlag: Népszava Lapkiadó Kft.
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1877

1146 Budapest, Thököly út 127.
Phone: 0036 14 77 90 00
Twitter: @nepszava

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1.  Népszava - Hungary | 05/07/2015

Shopping-free Sundays in Hungary a silly idea

Shops in Hungary have remained closed on Sundays for almost four months, but opposition to the new regulation has increased considerably since it was first ... » more

2.  Népszava - Hungary | 13/10/2014

Fidesz triumphs thanks to left's weakness

Hungary's right-wing conservative governing party Fidesz won a sweeping victory in nationwide municipal elections on Sunday. The left's big losses this year in the parliamentary, ... » more

3.  Népszava - Hungary | 21/07/2014

New Socialist leader to stand up to Fidesz

The Hungarian Socialist Party (MZSP) elected József Tóbiás as its new chairman on Saturday. The left-leaning daily Népszava hopes Tóbiás will turn the ailing MSZP ... » more

4.  Népszava - Hungary | 12/05/2014

Russia can't afford eastern Ukraine

Although the referendums in Donetsk and Luhansk were grist to Moscow's mills, Russia can't afford the annexation of the eastern Ukrainian regions, the left-wing daily ... » more

5.  Népszava - Hungary | 06/01/2014

Left-wing electoral alliance can defeat Orbán

Hungary will hold parliamentary elections in April. The left-leaning daily Népszava welcomes the news that the party of ex-prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány (2004-2009), the Democratic ... » more

6.  Népszava - Hungary | 17/12/2013

FPÖ will profit from grand coalition

Austrian President Heinz Fischer swore in the new cabinet of the grand coalition on Monday. The newly formed alliance between the SPÖ and ÖVP could ... » more

7.  Népszava - Hungary | 30/08/2013

Hungary's united Left can beat Orbán

In Hungary the socialist MSZP and the Együtt 2014 party led by ex-premier Gordon Bajnai (2009-2010) on Thursday agreed to cooperate in the parliamentary elections ... » more

8.  Népszava - Hungary | 18/04/2013

Parliament just a toothless tiger

Because Hungary has nothing to fear from the European Parliament, it's up to the European Commission to act, the government-critical leftist daily Népszava writes: "As ... » more

9.  Népszava - Hungary | 03/08/2012

Far-right Jobbik utterly discredits itself

The extreme-right Jobbik party has been in the headlines for negative reasons several times in recent weeks. In the eyes of the left-leaning daily Népszava, ... » more

10.  Népszava - Hungary | 18/04/2012

New president thanks to Orbán again

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán nominated MEP János Áder for the post of president on Monday. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Parliamentary President László Kövér and ... » more


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