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Country: Finland


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1.  Kauppalehti - Finland | 08/07/2015

Finland needs transparency on nuclear plant

At the request of the Finnish Ministry of the Economy, the energy company Fennovoima, which is planning a new nuclear power plant in northern Finland, ... » more

2.  Kauppalehti - Finland | 22/05/2013

EU must smash oil cartels

Investigators of the EU Commission carried out raids last week on several oil companies suspected of price fixing. The business paper Kauppalehti demands a clampdown: ... » more

3.  Kauppalehti - Finland | 27/03/2013

High living costs scare away companies

The Finnish government announced last week that it is lowering the corporate tax from 24.5 percent to 20 percent. But this won't be enough to ... » more

4.  Kauppalehti - Finland | 25/03/2011

Credible crisis management is crucial

The EU needs a credible crisis management strategy, writes the business paper Kauppalehti in view of the EU summit on saving the euro: "Without the ... » more

5.  Kauppalehti - Finland | 18/03/2011

Merkel's anti-nuclear actionism

In reaction to the nuclear disaster in Japan, Germany has put a hold on the planned extension of nuclear plant running times and taken the ... » more

6.  Kauppalehti - Finland | 08/12/2009

Climate: Copenhagen opens new markets

The international climate conference in Copenhagen will open new markets for Finnish environmental technology, writes Pirkko Tammilehto in the blog of the business newspaper Kauppalehti: ... » more

7.  Kauppalehti - Finland | 16/05/2008

One does not speak of money

"One subject is more taboo than any other in Finland: money. At first glance it seems as if people spent their whole time talking about ... » more


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