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The Irish Times

The Irish Times is regarded by many as Ireland's only genuine quality newspaper. It has a centre-left, pro-European approach and employs more foreign correspondents than any other paper in the country. Its main competitor is the Irish Independent. The strengths of the Irish Times are the quality of its reporting and the many well-known Irish columnists.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Centre-left
Circulation: 80,000 (2014)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Saturday
Visits per month: 5.000.000 - 10.000.000
Online payment model: All content free of charge

Location: Dublin, Ireland
Publisher: Irish Times Trust
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1859

PO Box 74, 24-28 Tara Street, Dublin 2
Phone: 00353 1 675 8000
Twitter: @IrishTimes

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1.  The Irish Times - Ireland | 26/10/2015

Secure zone in Syria would slow exodus

The flood of migrants from Syrian areas afflicted by civil war will only slow if the EU can protect and care for war refugees inside ... » more

2.  The Irish Times - Ireland | 30/08/2015

Northern Irish politicians divide instead of uniting

A dispute broke out within Northern Ireland's joint government of Unionists and Republicans last week over allegations that the underground organisation the Provisional IRA, which ... » more

3.  The Irish Times - Ireland | 16/08/2015

Buying sex not a human right

Amnesty International decided last week to campaign for global legalisation of prostitution. Simon Hedlin, a former advisor to the Swedish government, warns in the centre-left ... » more

4.  The Irish Times - Ireland | 21/04/2015

Judiciary looked the other way for too long

In taking far too long to bring cases like that of Oscar Gröning to trial the postwar German judiciary made itself a moral accessory to ... » more

5.  The Irish Times - Ireland | 25/03/2015

Brexit a danger for Dublin-Belfast relations

The debate about whether Britain should exit the EU has flared up once more in the run-up to the UK's general election on May 7. ... » more

6.  The Irish Times - Ireland | 09/09/2014

Irish should encourage Scots to go it alone

So far the Irish government has avoided taking sides regarding Scotland's independence. Ireland left the United Kingdom in 1922. But despite it's not wanting to ... » more

7.  The Irish Times - Ireland | 13/07/2014

Bakers not obliged to promote gay marriage

A bakery in Northern Ireland faces legal action after refusing to bake a wedding cake bearing the slogan "support gay marriage". An LGBT activist had ... » more

8.  The Irish Times - Ireland | 27/03/2014

Irish wiretap affair won't end with resignation

Several police stations in Ireland have been listening in on the phone conversations of suspects and their lawyers for years. Justice Minister Alan Shatter apparently ... » more

9.  The Irish Times - Ireland | 20/03/2014

Crimea has the right to be Russian

The West should stop threatening Moscow and accept that the broad majority of Crimeans really want to join Russia, the left-liberal daily The Irish Times ... » more

10.  The Irish Times - Ireland | 15/01/2014

Cameron's EU course is paralysing the Union

Almost one year ago to the day, the British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that he would hold a referendum by 2017 on whether the UK ... » more


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