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Público was founded in 2007 as a modern left-wing daily and initially had close ties with the left wing of the Spanish Socialist Worker's Party (PSOE). Since 2012 it is published online only. In 2014 the website also began to broadcast the TV programmes of several politicians of the newly founded left-wing party Podemos, including La Tuerka, a show presented by Pablo Iglesias.

Medium: online portal
Political orientation: Left-wing
Frequency of publication: Regularly updated
Visits per month: 20.000.000 - 30.000.000
Online payment model: All content free of charge

Location: Madrid, Spain
Publisher: Mediapubli S.L.
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 2007

C/ Caleruega, 102, 1ª, 28033 Madrid
Phone: 0034 918 38 76 41
Twitter: @publico_es

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1.  Público - Spain | 02/10/2015

Spain's recovery just numbers

Spain's purported recovery is just the government playing with numbers, Isabel Rodríguez García comments irately in the left-wing online paper Público: "It can't be about ... » more

2.  Público - Spain | 01/07/2015

Gag law intimidates Spaniards

In Spain the so-called Citizen's Security Law comes into effect today. Critics call it a "gag law" because it makes it easier for the government ... » more

3.  Público - Spain | 29/09/2014

Blocking referendum would be dangerous

The central government in Madrid wants to challenge the referendum before the Constitutional Court. But that would divide the country more than the vote itself, ... » more

4.  Público - Spain | 24/03/2014

Suárez's death replaces protest in media

Spain's first democratically elected prime minister, Adolfo Suárez, died on Sunday aged 81. The left-leaning online daily Público is annoyed that amidst all the hype ... » more

5.  Público - Spain | 03/02/2014

For Moncho Alpuente, Europe has gone from being Spain's friend to its foe

The Spanish felt significantly closer to Europe under the Franco dictatorship than they do today, the author Mocho Alpuente writes in the left-leaning online daily ... » more

6.  Público - Spain | 23/12/2013

Clique dictating Spain's electricity prices

The Spanish government and the electricity companies are locked in a dispute over electricity prices. Last week the companies announced a price hike of eleven ... » more

7.  Público - Spain | 16/08/2013

Europe's growth won't boost consumption

The Eurozone's nascent return to economic growth won't automatically have positive impact on its citizens, the left-leaning online newspaper Público writes sceptically: "The figures we ... » more

8.  Público - Spain | 05/03/2013

Those in power are the real clowns

Germany's social democratic chancellor candidate Peer Steinbrück last week described the two Italian politicians Silvio Berlusconi and Beppe Grillo as clowns. But to brand Grillo ... » more

9.  Público - Spain | 14/05/2012

Ramón Cotarelo on the reconquest of the people's sovereignty

In Spain, the protest of the "indignant" began on 15 May 2011 (15-M) with a major demonstration at Madrid's Puerta del Sol Square against the ... » more

10.  Público - Spain | 29/03/2012

Spaniards should protest against Brussels

Spain's trade unions have called a general strike for today, Thursday, against the labour market reform and the government austerity policy prescribed by the EU. ... » more


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