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De Standaard

De Standaard first went into publication in 1918 as the successor to the Catholic weekly Ons Volk ontwaakt (Our People Awakes). Under chief editor Peter Vandermeersch (now with NRC Handelsblad) this quality paper abandoned its clerical stance and adopted a liberal outlook and modern layout. A digital evening edition for PCs, tablets and smartphones has also been available since 2012.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Liberal-conservative
Circulation: 98,000 (2013)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Saturday
Online payment model: Some content subject to a charge

Location: Brussels, Belgium
Publisher: Mediahuis
Area of distribution: Regional
Established: 1914

Gossetlaan 30, 1702 Groot-Bijgaarden
Phone: 0032 2 467 22 11
Twitter: @destandaard

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1.  De Standaard - Belgium | 23/11/2015

When in doubt security must prevail

The Belgian government has done the right thing in declaring the highest terror alert in Brussels, the liberal daily De Standaard comments, nonetheless hoping that ... » more

2.  De Standaard - Belgium | 17/11/2015

Mutual recriminations in Belgium are pointless

The trail left by those who carried out the attacks in Paris has led to the Brussels district of Molenbeek. A dispute has now broken ... » more

3.  De Standaard - Belgium | 18/03/2015

Dream of Netherlands as major power has ended

The Kingdom of the Netherlands was founded 200 years ago. At the time it also encompassed Belgium but the latter seceded 15 years later. Fortunately ... » more

4.  De Standaard - Belgium | 08/01/2015

Jokes must not be silenced by the attack

Europe must address the causes for the radicalisation of Muslims but it must not abandon satire in the process, the liberal daily De Standaard writes ... » more

5.  De Standaard - Belgium | 01/09/2014

EU doesn't want strong foreign policy

Mogherini's appointment as EU foreign policy chief draws harsh criticism from the liberal daily De Standaard: "It is acceptable that the Pole Donald Tusk has ... » more

6.  De Standaard - Belgium | 11/07/2014

German Bundesliga triumphs in Brazil

Germany's premier football league, the Bundesliga, is mainly to thank for the German team's success in the Brazil World Cup, columnist Luc Van Doorslaer writes ... » more

7.  De Standaard - Belgium | 07/03/2013

Rabobank was part of the doping system

The former Dutch cyclist Michael Boogerd has admitted in an interview televised Wednesday to doping himself for over ten years. The Dutch bank Rabobank, sponsor of his ... » more

8.  De Standaard - Belgium | 27/07/2012

Children should not suffer because of parents' flexibility

More than ten years after the introduction of registered partnerships, this form of cohabitation is almost as popular as marriage in Belgium, according to a ... » more

9.  De Standaard - Belgium | 12/03/2012

Austerity alone doesn't create trust

The Belgian government presented a programme for extending its austerity programme by almost two billion euros in a bid to calm Europe and the financial ... » more

10.  De Standaard - Belgium | 22/06/2011

Not everyone can become Belgian

The Belgian parliament has voted by a majority in favour of a new citizenship law that would abolish the current summary proceedings. This was long ... » more


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