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NRC Handelsblad

NRC Handelsblad is an opinion-forming quality newspaper. This liberal daily was founded in 1970, the result of a merger of the Algemeen Handelsblad and the Nieuw Rotterdams Courant. It appears in the evenings and is distributed nationwide. In 2012 its editing offices moved from Rotterdam to Amsterdam. The paper is to be taken over by the Belgian newspaper publisher Mediahuis in 2015 (as of December 2014). Its present owner is the investment company Egeria.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Liberal
Circulation: 158,000 (2014)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Saturday
Online payment model: Some content subject to a charge

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Publisher: Mediahuis
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1970

Rokin 65, 1012 KK Amsterdam
Phone: 0031 20 755 3000
Twitter: @nrc

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1.  NRC Handelsblad - Netherlands | 20/01/2016

Fight against IS is not murder

A criminal investigation has been launched in the Netherlands against former elite soldier Jitse Akse, who is suspected of murdering IS fighters while fighting alongside ... » more

2.  NRC Handelsblad - Netherlands | 03/12/2015

Zuckerberg's charity not entirely convincing

The liberal daily NRC Handelsblad voices doubts that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's charity initiative is purely driven by unselfish motives: "The thinking behind such initiatives ... » more

3.  NRC Handelsblad - Netherlands | 10/11/2015

130 km/h limit sends wrong signal before summit

The Dutch government has voted to raise the speed limit on more of the country's motorways from 120 to 130 km/h starting 2016. That's taking ... » more

4.  NRC Handelsblad - Netherlands | 04/11/2015

Netherlands cracks down on supervisory boards

A company court in Amsterdam ruled on Monday that the supervisory board of home care provider Meavita was partially responsible for the firm's bankruptcy in ... » more

5.  NRC Handelsblad - Netherlands | 01/10/2015

Nato must not leave Afghanistan

Afghani government officials reported on Thursday that the army had recaptured the city of Kunduz from the Taliban. The latter deny this. Afghanistan is back ... » more

6.  NRC Handelsblad - Netherlands | 01/09/2015

Dutch have a problem with racism

The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on Friday warned the Netherlands that it should do more to fight racism. And that ... » more

7.  NRC Handelsblad - Netherlands | 26/08/2015

Ankara needs stability now more than ever

Nothing would be better for Turkey now than domestic stability, as the liberal daily NRC Handelsblad reminds us: "The country is struggling with major problems, ... » more

8.  NRC Handelsblad - Netherlands | 31/07/2015

Quick alternative to MN17 tribunal needed

Russia blocked on Wednesday the establishment of an independent UN tribunal on the shooting down of passenger jet MH17. The Kremlin claimed that Moscow was ... » more

9.  NRC Handelsblad - Netherlands | 09/06/2015

The Dutch discover women's football

The Dutch national women's football team is competing in the Women's World Cup championship for the first time, and won its first match on Sunday. ... » more

10.  NRC Handelsblad - Netherlands | 05/06/2015

A little less NSA spying thanks to Snowden

The US Congress passed a law on Tuesday that restricts the NSA's powers to gather the telephone and Internet data of US citizens. A small ... » more


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