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Le Vif / L'Express

Le Vif is one of Belgium's leading current affairs magazines and the counterpart to the Flemish Knack. It is famous for its political news coverage. Circulation is in decline.

Medium: magazine
Circulation: 64,000 (2013)
Frequency of publication: Weekly on Fridays
Online payment model: All content free of charge

Location: Brussels, Belgium
Publisher: Roularta Media Group
Area of distribution: Regional
Established: 1983

Brussels Media Centre 50, rue de la Fusée, bte 6, 1130 Brüssel
Phone: 0032 2 702 47 01
Twitter: @levif

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1.  Le Vif / L'Express - Belgium | 10/11/2015

Liza Lebrun calls for a people's climate summit

The World Climate Conference that starts in Paris on November 30 will be too focussed on the interests of the multinationals, environmentalist Liza Lebrun writes ... » more

2.  Le Vif / L'Express - Belgium | 13/10/2015

Exodus to Europe: State must not outsource refugee management

At the end of 2014 the Belgian government voted to close down reception centres for refugees yet now it is inviting tenders for the establishment ... » more

3.  Le Vif / L'Express - Belgium | 06/10/2015

Unions must be more constructive

Several Belgian trade unions have called for a major demonstration against the government's policies for today, Wednesday. It's time for a more constructive approach, Olivier ... » more

4.  Le Vif / L'Express - Belgium | 03/09/2015

Refugees not to blame for social system crisis

The head of the nationalist New Flemish Alliance Bart De Wever said last week on the Flemish radio that social benefits for refugees should be ... » more

5.  Le Vif / L'Express - Belgium | 11/03/2015

Belgium must stop subsidising work

Forty-two percent of the workforce in Belgium is on the government payroll and 80 percent of jobs created since 2000 are largely state-subsidised, according to ... » more

6.  Le Vif / L'Express - Belgium | 12/01/2015

Western society also full of violence

The rallies in which millions of people have demonstrated against terror cannot hide the fact that Western society is also marked by violence and barbarity, ... » more

7.  Le Vif / L'Express - Belgium | 22/11/2014

Tunisia model pupil in Arab world

Béji Caïd Essebsi, head of the moderate secular Nidaa Tounes party, won an estimated 48 percent of the vote in Tunisia's presidential elections on Sunday. ... » more

8.  Le Vif / L'Express - Belgium | 24/04/2014

Splinter parties endanger Belgian democracy

The barometer of public opinion published Thursday on the Belgian parliamentary elections slated for May 25 shows a clear rise in popularity for the smaller, ... » more

9.  Le Vif / L'Express - Belgium | 25/03/2014

Arte uses the term fascism irresponsibly

The German-French television station Arte will broadcast a report on populist movements in Europe on April 8. In a chart included in the dossier on ... » more

10.  Le Vif / L'Express - Belgium | 11/02/2014

Quality press must filter rumours

Speaking on the French radio station Europe 1, the paparazzi Pascal Rostain on Monday spread rumours of an affair between US President Barack Obama and ... » more


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