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Lietuvos žinios

The conservative newspaper Lietuvos žinios is more than a hundred years old. Its publisher is controlled by the Achema group, which is why the paper is said to have close ties to business. Lietuvos žinios has been hard hit by the financial crisis, with its circulation shrinking to a third of what it used to be over the last decade.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Conservative
Circulation: 7,134 (2014)
Frequency of publication: Tuesday to Sunday
Visits per month: < 500.000
Online payment model: All content free of charge

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Publisher: UAB Lietuvos žinios
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1909

Vykinto g. 14, 08117 Vilnius
Phone: 00370 52 49 21 52
Twitter: @lzinioslt

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1.  Lietuvos žinios - Lithuania | 02/09/2015

Ukraine needs decentralisation

Ukraine really needs the constitutional reform that was debated in the parliament in Kiev on Monday and gives the regions more power, the conservative daily ... » more

2.  Lietuvos žinios - Lithuania | 21/08/2015

Duda's first foreign trip to Estonia a wise move

Poland's new President Andrzej Duda will travel to Estonia on August 23 for his first official visit abroad, it was announced on Monday. The conservative ... » more

3.  Lietuvos žinios - Lithuania | 24/04/2015

Putin ignoring Russia's economic crisis

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev admitted on Tuesday before the Russian parliament that the country's economy is in a worse state than ever before. Vladimir ... » more

4.  Lietuvos žinios - Lithuania | 24/03/2015

Putin denies Ukrainian nation

On the first anniversary of the annexation of Crimea last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that Russians and Ukrainians belonged to 'one nation'. The ... » more

5.  Lietuvos žinios - Lithuania | 20/01/2015

Lithuanians won't learn defence from books

The Lithuanian Ministry of Defence brought out a publication entitled How to act in extreme situations or instances of war at the start of January. ... » more

6.  Lietuvos žinios - Lithuania | 11/11/2014

Poland's neo-colonialism destroys trust

Poland's new foreign minister Grzegorz Schetyna said last week in an interview with the Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza that no solution to the Ukraine conflict ... » more

7.  Lietuvos žinios - Lithuania | 18/09/2014

Separatism the last thing Europe needs now

Given the tense geopolitical situation in Europe, independence for Scotland wouldn't just be dangerous for the UK, the conservative daily Lietuvos žinios warns: "Since the ... » more

8.  Lietuvos žinios - Lithuania | 04/09/2014

Saulius Spurga on the reasons for Russia's aggression

Russia couldn't continue on its path of economic progress and modernisation, political scientist Saulius Spurga writes in the conservative daily Lietuvis žinios, arguing that this ... » more

9.  Lietuvos žinios - Lithuania | 25/06/2014

Russian minorities are not enemies

After Russia's occupation of Crimea fears are being voiced in the Baltic countries that such a scenario could be repeated in these states with the ... » more

10.  Lietuvos žinios - Lithuania | 14/03/2014

Lithuania's art scene discovers history

Lithuanian artists are showing a growing interest in controversial historical subjects, the conservative daily Lietuvos žinios comments approvingly: "Lithuanian history and patriotism have made a ... » more


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