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Le Monde

The first edition of the daily paper Le Monde in 1944 consisted of a single page printed on both sides. Today it is regarded as France's most influential newspaper. It was sold to private investors in 2010 after running into financial difficulties. Prior to this journalists and employees had a shareholder majority. Since 2013, the editors have focussed on digital development. Le Monde also publishes a daily business supplement.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Left-wing
Circulation: 301,800 (2014)
Frequency of publication: Daily
Visits per month: 50.000.000 - 100.000.000
Online payment model: Some content subject to a charge

Location: Paris, France
Publisher: Société Editrice du Monde
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1915

80, bd Auguste Blanqui, 75707 Paris Cedex 13
Phone: 0033 1 57 28 20 00
Twitter: @lemondefr

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1.  Le Monde - France | 17/11/2015

France mourning victims of its foreign policy

France has close ties with Saudi Arabia, and French arms manufacturers sell widely in the Middle East. But Paris turns a blind eye to the ... » more

2.  Le Monde - France | 12/11/2015

British referendum an opportunity for the EU

The referendum on Britain's remaining in the EU initiated by Prime Minister David Cameron could strengthen the resolve of the community of states vis-à-vis Eurosceptics, ... » more

3.  Le Monde - France | 29/09/2015

Guy Hermet on the prerequisites for democratic transition

The Western powers must face up to the fact that all talk of a 'democratic transition' in Syria along the lines of what happened in ... » more

4.  Le Monde - France | 30/08/2015

Eastern Europe must learn to show solidarity

The tendency of Eastern European states like Hungary to want to seal themselves off rather than take in refugees derives from the history of the ... » more

5.  Le Monde - France | 06/03/2013

Russia's schizophrenic memories of Stalin

Almost half of all Russians believe that the former Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin played a positive role in history, according to a study by the ... » more

6.  Le Monde - France | 28/01/2013

IMF needs better forecasting models

The International Monetary Fund admitted at the start of January that it had miscalculated the repercussions of Europe's austerity measures. The left-liberal daily Le Monde ... » more

7.  Le Monde - France | 20/11/2012

Downgrade Sarkozy's fault

Former president Nicolas Sarkozy is to blame for the downgrading of France by the rating agency Moody's, financial advisor Georges Ugeux writes in his blog ... » more

8.  Le Monde - France | 25/04/2012

Clear signals against German austerity policy

The government in the Netherlands fell on Monday because right-wing populists refused to accept EU austerity measures, while in the French presidential elections the right-wing ... » more

9.  Le Monde - France | 17/01/2012

Edouard Tétreau on the destructive dream of the rating agencies

The European states are allowing themselves to be pitted against each other by the rating agencies instead of concentrating on their own strengths, complains the ... » more

10.  Le Monde - France | 02/09/2011

It wasn't Europe that beat the regime

The victory over the Gaddafi regime was anything but a European success story, the left-liberal daily Le Monde writes: "A twofold lesson can be learned ... » more


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