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Country: Greece

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1.  Dimokratia - Greece | 22/12/2015

Gay demonstration in Athens disrespectful

The Greek parliament approved registered partnerships for homosexual couples on Tuesday despite opposition from conservative MPs and the Orthodox Church. On the same day just ... » more

2.  Dimokratia - Greece | 15/12/2015

Exodus to Europe: Greece can protect its own borders

The EU Commission will present plans for expanding its border protection agency Frontex today, according to which the agency would receive more powers, be able ... » more

3.  Dimokratia - Greece | 06/08/2015

Greek farmers face destruction

As part of the austerity measures in return for the third bailout package, Athens' creditors are calling for an end to tax relief for famers ... » more

4.  Dimokratia - Greece | 18/06/2015

Greeks will never cut back on military spending

In the talks over a Greek austerity package EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Tuesday proposed a "modest cut" in the country's defence spending. Cutbacks ... » more

5.  Dimokratia - Greece | 05/05/2015

Greek jails just depots for derelicts

Two people died and 18 prisoners were injured in a fight that broke out among inmates of Greece's largest prison, Korydallos Prison near Athens, on ... » more

6.  Dimokratia - Greece | 24/02/2015

Rebellion of the Syriza left just dogmatism

The left wing of the Syriza party has voiced strong criticism of the compromise with the Euro Group on an extension of the bailout programme. ... » more

7.  Dimokratia - Greece | 10/02/2015

Greece's ex-PMs stripped of privileges

The new speaker of the Greek parliament and Syriza MP Zoe Konstantopoulou has decided that former MPs should no longer be entitled to an office ... » more


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