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Ivo Prokpiev founded the daily Dnevnik in 2001 with the aim of creating a counterweight to the mass journalism that was prevalent at the time. Its seriously researched articles, moderate tone and lack of the sensationalist headlines have given it a reputation for being a quality newspaper. With its special focus on economic policy themes and strong online presence it says it wants to reach out to young, educated and career-oriented people in particular.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Not specified
Circulation: 10,000 (estimate for 2010)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Friday

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Publisher: Economedia AD (Ivo Prokopiev)
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 2001

Phone: 00359-2-937-6300

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1.  Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 18/12/2014

Foolish Putin fell into the trap

The international community has lured Putin into a trap from which there is no escape, political commentator Evgenii Dainov writes on the news portal Dnevnik ... » more

2.  Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 19/06/2011

Bulgaria's government outsources reforms

Bulgaria is issuing invitations to tender for the administrative reform of its Interior Ministry and its healthcare and social welfare systems. It is looking for ... » more

3.  Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 20/01/2010

EU makes a fool of itself on personnel selection

Rumiana Jeleva yesterday withdrew her contentious candidacy for a post on the EU Commission. The daily Dnevnik says the Jeleva case highlights the shortcomings of ... » more

4.  Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 23/12/2008

No one resigns in Bulgaria

The daily Dnevnik comments on the political situation in Belgium, where Prime Minister Yves Leterme has resigned after allegedly exerting influence on a court decision. ... » more

5.  Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 14/04/2008

Bulgarian Interior Minister resigns

On Sunday March 13, Bulgaria's Interior Minister Rumen Petkov resigned. He came under attack after meeting up with entrepreneurs of dubious repute and was also ... » more

6.  Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 04/03/2008

Bulgaria's cowardice on Kosovo

Bulgaria has not yet declared its position on Kosovo's independence. While Bulgarian politicians describe this stance as cautious, Edvin Sugarev finds it weak: "By not ... » more

7.  Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 14/09/2007

Bulgaria in the run-up to local elections

Bulgaria will hold its local elections on October 28. Alexander Andreew comments ironically on two new trends in the election campaign: "I can safely say ... » more


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