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Adevârul (The Truth) was set up at the end of 1989 to replace Scînteia, the newspaper of the Romanian Communist Party. Initially the paper supported the National Salvation Front, which was made up of representatives of the "nomenclatura", but the editors now position themselves on the centre-right politically. The current owner is Romanian media entrepreneur Cristian Burci. The newspaper's website features a blog portal on which writers of all political persuasions can post comments for free, according to the Huffington Post model. .

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Conservative
Circulation: 9,000 (2014)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Friday
Visits per month: 10.000.000 - 20.000.000
Online payment model: All content free of charge

Location: Bucharest, Romania
Publisher: Adevarul Holding
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1871

Strada Fabrica de Glucoza nr. 21, sector 2, Bucuresti,cod 013471
Phone: 0040 372 130 196
Twitter: @adevarul

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1.  Adevârul - Romania | 15/01/2016

Germany is Europe's therapist

There's a psychological explanation for the gloating on the part of opponents of Germany's refugee policy over the events on New Year's Eve in Cologne, ... » more

2.  Adevârul - Romania | 06/01/2016

Why Romanians love conspiracy theories

Rumours have been circulating for weeks In the social networks that the Romanian President Klaus Iohannis "ordered" the disastrous fire in the Bucharest nightclub Colectiv ... » more

3.  Adevârul - Romania | 26/11/2015

Romania needs smoking ban

The parliament in Romania was to vote on Wednesday on a smoking ban for restaurants and public buildings. However owing to pressure from the social ... » more

4.  Adevârul - Romania | 17/11/2015

New cabinet will break old parties' grip on power

The prime minister designate of Romania, Dacian Cioloş, presented a cabinet of technocrats on Sunday. The parliament may vote on it today, Tuesday. This cabinet ... » more

5.  Adevârul - Romania | 15/11/2015

Bucharest must review loans for Moldova

A loan of 150 million euros from Romania to its insolvent neighbour Moldova is in jeopardy because Romanian President Klaus Iohannis refused to put his ... » more

6.  Adevârul - Romania | 10/11/2015

Romania's Facebook generation politically naive

In the protests that erupted after a deadly fire at the Colectiv nightclub in Bucharest Romania's young generation is calling for the renewal of the ... » more

7.  Adevârul - Romania | 25/10/2015

Silence over police death fuels speculation

A police officer was fatally injured last Tuesday when he rode over a pothole as part of the motorcade accompanying Interior Minister Gabriel Oprea. The ... » more

8.  Adevârul - Romania | 26/06/2014

Begging ban won't help Norway's poor

The Norwegian parliament is currently debating a law that would ban begging across the country starting 2015. As of July 1, municipalities will be able ... » more

9.  Adevârul - Romania | 12/03/2014

Romania gains international importance

The North Atlantic Council resolved on Monday to send Awacs reconnaissance aircraft to Poland and Romania to observe the situation in Ukraine. A fitting occasion ... » more

10.  Adevârul - Romania | 21/01/2014

Russia using Gagauzia as a pawn

In the Republic of Moldova the parliament of the autonomous region of Gagauzia will meet with government representatives from Chişinău for discussions starting today, Tuesday. ... » more


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