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The daily newspaper Gândul (The Thought] was founded in 2005 when some of the editors of the Adevărul newspaper fell out with its publisher over political issues. Gândul committed to a centre-left stance. At first the editors tried to finance the newspaper on their own but in 2006 it was acquired by Romanian media entrepreneur Adrian Sârbu, who still owns it today. Since 2012 the content has been published online only.

Medium: online portal
Political orientation: Critical of the government
Frequency of publication: Daily
Online payment model: All content free of charge

Location: Bucharest, Romania
Publisher: Mediafax Group
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 2005

Strada Aurel Vlaicu nr. 62-66, etaj 1, sector 2, Bucuresti, cod 020097
Phone: 0040 318 257 155
Twitter: @ziarul_gandul

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1.  Gândul - Romania | 03/11/2015

Bucharest tragedy culminates in revolution

More than 20,000 people protested against the government in Bucharest on Tuesday evening, calling for direct action to be taken after a disastrous fire in ... » more

2.  Gândul - Romania | 12/05/2015

Romanians' protest over wood theft too late

Around 5,000 people protested in Bucharest on Saturday against illegal wood clearances and a change to Romania's forestry legislation that is due to be discussed ... » more

3.  Gândul - Romania | 11/11/2014

Romanian foreign ministry sets a trap

Romania's Foreign Minister Titus Corletean resigned on Monday, on the grounds that he did not want to commit an illegal act by complying with the ... » more

4.  Gândul - Romania | 08/10/2014

Ponta interfering in fight against corruption

A refinery in the Romanian city of Ploieşti which belongs to Russian oil company Lukoil is under investigation by Romania's National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) for ... » more

5.  Gândul - Romania | 25/08/2014

Youtube right to censor Foley beheading

The video portal Youtube has erased videos of the execution of US journalist James Foley by the IS terrorist militia and blocked the accounts of ... » more

6.  Gândul - Romania | 15/05/2014

US also just want Ukrainian gas

According to media reports on Wednesday, Hunter Biden, son of US Vice President Joe Biden, has been appointed to the board of directors of Ukrainian ... » more

7.  Gândul - Romania | 26/02/2014

Row over posts breaks up Romania's coalition

Romania' National Liberal Party, the PNL, announced that it was ending its ruling coalition with the Social Democratic PSD on Monday. Both parties have been ... » more

8.  Gândul - Romania | 13/01/2014

Parents stand up to Romania's teachers

A mother has exposed a case of corruption at a school in Romania : a teacher had demanded gifts and money from parents for Christmas, ... » more

9.  Gândul - Romania | 06/12/2013

Moldovans now officially speak Romanian

The Constitutional Court of Moldova ruled on Thursday that the country's official language is once again to be called Romanian, and not Moldovan. It was ... » more

10.  Gândul - Romania | 14/11/2013

Judiciary may put end to Roşia Montană

A special commission of the Romanian parliament on Monday rejected the controversial draft law on gold mining in Roşia Montană. The final report was also ... » more


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