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Jutarnji list

Jutarnji List is the flagship publication of Croatia's largest media company EPH. Both EPH and the newspaper have been on the brink of bankruptcy several times since the start of the economic crisis. Germany's Funke Mediengruppe (formerly WAZ-Mediagroup) and media mogul Ninoslav Pavić, who each owned 50 percent stakes in the company, lost their shares to the Hypo Alpe Adria bank in 2014, and now own only five percent each. The lawyer Marjan Hanžeković has acquired the remaining 90 percent.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Liberal
Circulation: 53,000 (2013)
Frequency of publication: Daily
Online payment model: All content subject to a charge

Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Publisher: Europapress Holding EPH
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1998

Zagreb, Koranska 2
Phone: 00385 1 6103100
Twitter: @Jutarnji

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1.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 20/01/2016

Greece is the main problem

The EU has failed completely in the refugee crisis and is becoming more and more absurd, the liberal daily Jutarnji list comments: "The biggest embarrassment ... » more

2.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 19/01/2016

Bosnia can confidently seek to join EU

Bosnia and Herzegovina has announced it will submit its official application for EU membership by the end of the month. Brussels' reservations should only reaffirm ... » more

3.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 12/01/2016

For Miljenko Jergović Muslims are the new Jews

Muslims in Europe are increasingly being pushed into the role of Jews in the fascist states of the 1930s, observes writers Miljenko Jergović in the ... » more

4.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 11/01/2016

Mrs Merkel: yes you can!

Angela Merkel must not give up yet, urges the liberal daily Jutarnji list: "The attack in Cologne puts an end to the back-and-forthing with which ... » more

5.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 08/01/2016

Brussels cannot discipline Warsaw

By supporting the controversial media law President Duda is trampling on European media freedom and the EU can do nothing about it, laments the liberal ... » more

6.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 05/01/2016

EU Commission has double standards

It is increasingly obvious that the EU Commission does not treat all member states equally, the liberal daily Jutarnji list complains: "Economic wrongdoing is not ... » more

7.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 24/12/2015

Barbed wire fences make a comeback

Hardly any issue stirred up as much emotion in 2015 as the fences that are being erected in the middle of Europe, the liberal daily ... » more

8.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 23/12/2015

Putin will go on living with sanctions

The EU is extending its economic sanctions against Russia until 31 July 2016, the European Council announced on Monday. An end to the measures is ... » more

9.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 22/12/2015

Two-party system in Spain has had its day

After the elections on Sunday it is clear that in Spain too, the traditional two-party system is no longer viable, the liberal daily Jutarnji list ... » more

10.  Jutarnji list - Croatia | 11/12/2015

Only US can ensure peace and order in the Balkans

20 years after the Dayton Agreement and the end of the war in the former Yugoslavia the presence of the US in the Balkans is ... » more


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