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El Huffington Post

El Huffington Post was launched in 2012 as the Spanish edition of the centre-left US online news aggregator and blog The Huffington Post. The American parent company and the Spanish media group Prisa (El País, Cinco Días) each own a fifty percent stake. The publisher doesn't give any details about the website's audience reach or the number of clicks it attracts.

Medium: online portal
Political orientation: Centre-left
Frequency of publication: Regularly updated
Online payment model: All content free of charge

Location: Madrid, Spain
Publisher: The Huffington Post / Prisa
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 2012

C/ Miguel Yuste, 40, 28037 Madrid
Phone: 0034 913 37 82 00
Twitter: @ElHuffPost

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1.  El Huffington Post - Spain | 16/09/2015

Corbyn must move towards centre or fail

The Labour Party's new leader Jeremy Corbyn urgently needs to moderate his tone or else his party will be condemned to irrelevance, Carlos Carnero, MEP ... » more

2.  El Huffington Post - Spain | 26/08/2015

Chandran Nair fears the world is drifting apart

Ever since the publication of "The world is flat" by Thomas Friedman in 2004, it has been the fashion to observe the convergence of the ... » more

3.  El Huffington Post - Spain | 14/07/2015

Greek crisis: Mauro Guillén sees Paris and Berlin on course for divorce

The Greek crisis has made it clear that France and Germany have very different standards on the path to European unity, Professor of political economy ... » more

4.  El Huffington Post - Spain | 03/07/2015

There is life after default

Greece is in a similarly difficult situation to the one Argentina faced in 2001, economists Joseph Stiglitz and Martin Guzman point out in the centre-left ... » more

5.  El Huffington Post - Spain | 12/05/2015

Good reasons for bringing referendum forward

The sooner the British vote on leaving or staying in the EU the better, comments Carlos Carnicero Urabayen in his blog for El Huffington Post: ... » more

6.  El Huffington Post - Spain | 07/05/2015

Ukip to blame fo Tories' weakness

Even if the Eurosceptic Ukip doesn't become a major force in parliament after the general election it has still done the Conservative camp considerable damage, ... » more

7.  El Huffington Post - Spain | 09/03/2015

Montserrat Domínguez on why women's rights create prosperity

The global fight against discrimination against women is nothing but a fight for prosperity and education, Montserrat Domínguez, editor in chief of the left-liberal online ... » more

8.  El Huffington Post - Spain | 23/02/2015

Tsipras has failed to achieve his goals

The deal struck on Friday between Athens and the Euro Group simply means the new Syriza government has gone back on its election pledges, director ... » more

9.  El Huffington Post - Spain | 11/02/2015

Luciano Floridi eases fears of embarassing Facebook photos

The Italian philosopher Luciano Floridi is a member of the expert council that advises Google on implementing the ECJ ruling on the right to be ... » more

10.  El Huffington Post - Spain | 16/01/2015

Mehdi Hasan on the false dividing line between Charlie and the others

The slogan "Je suis Charlie" has tended to draw a line between the liberal, enlightened West on the one hand and the backward, barbaric Muslims ... » more


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