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Lrytas is Lithuania's third most popular website. Originally the online version of the daily paper Lietuvos rytas, it has developed into an independent website, although it still has close ties to the paper. Lrytas is the leading portal for video news because it frequently cooperates with the TV broadcaster Lietuvos ryto televizija, which belongs to the same media group.

Medium: online portal
Political orientation: Liberal
Frequency of publication: Daily
Visits per month: 50.000.000 - 100.000.000
Online payment model: All content free of charge

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Publisher: UAB
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 2006

Gedimino pr. 12A, 01103 Vilnius
Phone: 00370 68 60 11 11
Twitter: @lrytas_lt

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1.  Lrytas - Lithuania | 09/07/2015

Time to kick Greece out of the Eurozone

Patience with Greece must have its limits, writes economist Rūta Vainienė on the web portal "Enough time has been spent waiting for Greece to ... » more

2.  Lrytas - Lithuania | 05/03/2015

Compulsory military service like brainwashing

Lithuania's government on Wednesday agreed on a legal amendment that would reinstate compulsory military service in the Baltic state. Now parliament is due to vote ... » more

3.  Lrytas - Lithuania | 26/01/2015

Kiev needs military victory

The Ukrainian port of Mariupol was bombarded by missiles from the areas controlled by pro-Russian separatists on Saturday. At least 30 civilians were killed in ... » more

4.  Lrytas - Lithuania | 04/01/2015

Lithuanians angry over currency switch chaos

The chairman of the Bank of Lithuania announced on January 1 that the country's conversion to the euro had gone smoothly. Political scientist Alvydas Medalinskas ... » more

5.  Lrytas - Lithuania | 22/12/2014

ECJ's Hamas ruling completely naive

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled last week that the EU must strike the radical Islamic Hamas organisation from its list of terrorists because ... » more

6.  Lrytas - Lithuania | 04/12/2014

Speech reminiscent of Soviet era

Putin's state of the nation speech reminds the online portal of the Soviet era: "Numbers, indicators, pace: everything must grow and flourish next year. ... » more

7.  Lrytas - Lithuania | 25/07/2014

UN Council plays into Islamists' hands

With its resolution to investigate possible war crimes in Gaza the UN Human Rights Council has got it all wrong, journalist Arkadijus Vinokuras writes on ... » more

8.  Lrytas - Lithuania | 10/06/2014

Lithuania must allow Russian Culture Day

A lively discussion preceded the annual Russian Culture Day in Lithuania last Sunday because many felt the event should be banned because of the Ukraine ... » more

9.  Lrytas - Lithuania | 26/05/2014

Lithuania needs draft to defend against Russia

The crisis in Ukraine has fanned fears of Russia among Lithuanians. Former army officer Giedrimas Jeglinskas calls on the web portal for an increase ... » more

10.  Lrytas - Lithuania | 15/05/2014

Lithuanian ban on energy drinks goes too far

Lithuania has become the first European country to ban the sale of energy drinks to minors. The Parliament passed the corresponding legislation on Thursday, and ... » more


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