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Eurosceptics forge ahead

The Europeans have elected a new parliament. Far-right and Eurosceptic parties made major gains in many countries after election campaigns in which national issues dominated the debate.

Who's saying what | 19/02/2014

Europe votes

Europe votes

Between 22 and 25 May 2014 the Europeans will elect members of the European Parliament for the eighth time. This is the first European election since the start of the euro crisis, and anti-European parties are expected to make headway. Will Europeans punish governments for their crisis policies? » more

Background | 16/04/2014

France: Between Tristesse and Reform

by Michael NeubauerFrance: Between Tristesse and Reform

In the run-up to the European elections, France is preoccupied above all with its own problems. The French are uneasy about the economic crisis and worried about their country's role in the world. The media discuss the difficulties the country is having dragging itself out of its depression, and its relations with its European neighbours. However at the same time, interest in other EU states is growing. » more

Background | 30/04/2014

Croatia: A Year of Confrontation with the EU

by Marijan VrdoljakCroatia: A Year of Confrontation with the EU

Croatia has only been an EU member state since July 2013. Its accession was not a harmonious process, and in January 2014 the EU opened an excessive deficit procedure against the country. The prospect of voting for the first time in the European elections has failed to generate much enthusiasm among its citizens. » more

Background | 16/04/2014

The Netherlands: Anti-Europeans Surging Ahead

by Annette BirschelThe Netherlands: Anti-Europeans Surging Ahead

A severe economic crisis and the longest phase of political instability in the history of the Netherlands have boosted support for the right-wing populists – and above all Geert Wilders. With his anti-European slogans, he and his one-man party have soared in the polls. Commentators are convinced that he will also dominate the European Parliament elections in the Netherlands. » more

Background | 12/05/2014

Poland: Old Fear of Russia Revived

by Sebastian BeckerPoland: Old Fear of Russia Revived

Russia's annexation of Crimea is fanning old fears of a Russian invasion. Poland's interest in Europe had hit a low recently, but now the country is clearly once again seeking close alignment with the EU and Nato. Other major issues like the Church's dispute with the state over sex education and gender equality have faded into the background. » more

Background | 23/04/2014

Hungary: Campaign against the EU

by Keno VerseckHungary: Campaign against the EU

With its two-thirds majority in parliament, Hungary's right-wing conservative government has made radical changes to the country in the last few years. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán relies on anti-European rhetoric, which is featured prominently in the national media. Diverging views, by contrast, receive little coverage. » more

Facts | 12/05/2014

European Parliament - distribution of seats according to parliamentary group

European Parliament - distribution of seats according to parliamentary group

Distribution of seats in the European Parliament according to
parliamentary group, as at 14.07.2009 » more

Background | 24/04/2014

Greece: Germany and the EU Under Fire

by Chrissi WilkensGreece: Germany and the EU Under Fire

The government in Athens is facing a double test of the mood in the country: as well as electing their MEPs, the Greeks will also cast their ballots in local elections this spring. Many of them are weary of the reforms and blame Germany for the stringent austerity policy. Anti-European voices are, however, largely absent from the public debate. » more

Background | 25/04/2014

Sweden: Europe a Nuisance in the Multiple-Election Year

by Dieter WeiandSweden: Europe a Nuisance in the Multiple-Election Year

After Sweden's Pisa study ranking plummeted, the country's education system has come under intense scrutiny. Its politicians and population take a sceptic stance regarding the EU – if they discuss it at all. And in this year of multiple elections, the Swedes will also elect a new national parliament in September. » more

Background | 25/04/2014

The UK: Boom Time for EU Critics

by Nicholas BukovecThe UK: Boom Time for EU Critics

In 2017, the British are to have the chance to vote on exiting the EU. Prime Minister David Cameron promised them that at the beginning of 2013. However the anti-European Ukip party is gaining support among voters. Angela Merkel is now Cameron's best hope in the fight against British Euroscepticism, many commentators say. » more

Background | 05/05/2014

Romania: Tired of the Scapegoat Image

by Annett MüllerRomania: Tired of the Scapegoat Image

Many Romanians still place great trust in the institutions of the European Union, but the euphoria over EU accession has evaporated. The country is still being denied entry to the Schengen Area, and the debate in Western Europe at the start of the year over "poverty migration" by Romanians met with widespread incomprehension and disillusionment. Meanwhile, domestic quarrels are dominating the campaign for the European elections. » more

Background | 12/05/2014

Italy: Little Interest in the European Elections

by Eva ClausenItaly: Little Interest in the European Elections

Matteo Renzi is Italy's fourth prime minister in three years. Renzi aims to get the country's economy back on track with quick reforms. Meanwhile Italy's populists are hoping to capitalise on the country's plight in the European elections. But the crisis-shaken and Euro-fatigued Italians are taking little interest in the vote. » more

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